what there is to love about a man: choices

When it mattered most, he chose love over fear and compassion over judgment. He listened to his own intuition rather than the din of voices around him, and from there on, all his choices became easier. Sometimes he flipped a coin, but he made his choices and he lived with them and never had any regrets. After weeks of sleepless nights, he decided to start his own home-based business and pass on the lucrative contract that came with a three-hour daily commute. He chose time over money and less over more. He chose simplicity. Chose joy. He chose to stay and work through the whole mess, even though it would have been a lot easier to walk away. He went with authenticity instead of illusion. He chose reading over television. The future instead of the past. When faced with the choice of losing his family or losing his soul, he chose a way to keep them both. When he knew he had the choice between living his life the “right way” or his way, the choice was so easy, it was no choice at all.

Excerpted from What There Is To Love About A Man, by Rachel Snyder. Originally published by Sourcebooks in 1999, this book is currently out-of-print, although used or less-than-perfect copies can be found on the Internet for cheap.

3 thoughts

  1. Susan,

    You’re talking my language. Literally! Integrity is one of the 195 masculine qualities that I waxed poetic over, in the original book. I’ll post Integrity another day — along with Jeans, Vanity, Tears, Logic, Arms, and…


  2. I am lucky to know (in the biblical sense) a man like that, although he chooses reading AND (selective) television (while reading). He is full of integrity, a very attractive quality. Integrity is definitely not the easy road. I think that is one of the things to really love about a man.


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