every question will be answered; every answer will be questioned

If you’re having a wild ride right now, you’re not alone. If you’re on the verge of something big and you’re not sure what it is, you’re not alone. If you feel as though you’ve been waiting, ready, sitting on the edge of your existential chair for eons, join the club.

Things truly are as unsettling as you feel them to be. The questions rising up in you are as vast and seemingly impenetrable as you imagine.

Every question will be answered.

If you rid yourself of inner and outer clutter, and seek out the questions in your heart, and create space so that you can listen – really listen! – for the answers that will bring you a modicum of peace, they will come.

Who am I? What am I here to do? Where is my community? What is my true place on the circle? How may I best serve the emerging light? What parts of myself must die so that others may live? When does the struggle end and the joy begin?

Every question will be answered.

In its own time. When you are truly prepared. When you are ready to trust what you hear and to move into embodied action. The answer may come in surprising ways, from unexpected sources. Your first instinct may be to toss the answer aside, to resist, to argue with, what, the Will of Creation? Good luck with that…

Every question will be answered.

Your answers will be yours alone. Don’t compare them with anything you have heard or you have read or you have seen or you have believed.

If you think others will judge you, hold close the answers and do not share them right away.  Reflect on the answers you receive: Don’t analyze. Ponder the truth of what you have been given: Don’t jump to conclusions based on old ways of thinking that you know (You Know!) no longer serve you.

If you don’t understand the answers, ask the questions again. Ask for clarity. Ask that you be shown in the simplest possible way, with ease. Ask to be shown as one would show a young child. And, like that child, respond with wonderment, with that perfect blend of excitement tinged with nervous trepidation.

But wait! Don’t get too comfortable just yet!

Every answer will be questioned.

Be prepared for this: Once you claim that you’ve “got it,” you just might get turned on your ear. “Oh yeah,” you say, “I read the book and listened to the tape, and I understand All of it.” You just might be asked to prove it. To live it. Be it. Walk it. Be sure your Knowing comes from your belly and your heart, and is not simply a mental construct seeking to take the place of other, older, mental constructs.

Every answer will be questioned.

Once you attempt to concretize a thought, to declare yourself “Done!”, the landscape will likely change. We are not simply moving from one picture of how things are to another that puts new colors and tones in old forms. In this time, in this place, radical transformation is available for those who choose it; minor adjustments will not suffice. 

Let your answers percolate and settle. Take steps toward what lights you up – whether or not it makes sense. If something in you says, “I am moving to Milwaukee,” move in that direction —  yet bear in mind that there are many options along the way. If your inner guidance invites you to explore graduate school or naturopathy, explore these realms — yet recognize that there may be twists and turns ahead.

Every answer will be questioned.

How many times have you heard it said that “It’s the journey, not the destination?” How many books have reminded you that “Everything you need is within?” And how often have you asked for assistance, for a sign, for guidance — only to turn away from anything that does not fit your prescribed notion?

It is no longer necessary to do this work alone. There are others who think like you, and who have desires and visions that are in synch with your own. They are looking for you as you are looking for them – ready to lower your shields of protection and open wide your hearts. Wherever you are in your journey, there are others you may assist and yet others ready to assist you. Reach with arms and hands outstretched.  Risk the power and potency of true connection. We are here if you need; do not hesitate to ask.

Every question will be answered; every answer will be questioned. 



3 thoughts

  1. Yes, it’s true. The answers do come when you’re ready to listen. Really ready.

    And the answers will be, of course, questioned. That’s where trust comes into play. Consider the source, then you will know whether or not to trust the answer.


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