red wall prayer for the irrepressible

i have just now painted a prayer into my kitchen wall
and dark
and red with the blood of life

welcome, it says,
knock at my door and it shall open
enter and ye shall be renewed

the heart of the wall beats wildly strong
come and visit, it sings
break bread at my humble table
nourish your deep and aching soul

perhaps an unknown thirst
will arrive by your side
and ask softly to be quenched

sit and breathe,
murmurs this pomegranate whisper

seeds are ready to spill
and tumble
and usher in the irrepressible

3 thoughts

  1. @Ed,

    as ram0singhal so aptly says, “kitchen is abode of divine…”


    your words continue to stop me in their tracks. Love this line:

    “mom says wisdom comes through kindness. kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy, mother is happy.”



  2. divine rachel……

    kitchen is abode of divine , what beauty what communication bread to spread to thread irrepressible to read “red wall prayer ”
    a story to listen…….
    Child is playing in happiness dancing…. , running after butterflies ….. , chasing the birds……., mother wondering in amazement and dreaming about own childhood mirroring again through child as child now returning little exhausted to refill the stomach hugs the mother,ask for food. mother and child walking together , mother holding hand of child by one hand and in other hand carrying the food tiffin towards a shade tree . Some people are making prayers ,child ask mother seeing people praying ,ask to whom they pray, mother replies,to cosmic intelligence for all the kindness bestowed on them.

    Then child ask have you created me to pray to you?
    mother is mom what to answer, get tears ………….child inquires again also about the tears thinking question may not have hurt ?

    Mother composes and hold child in the lap and whispers in the
    child’s ear and says when in the garden I feed you with food , you
    also try with your small tiny hands to feed me ,please mom eat little ,how wonderful food you have cooked for me…still tears flowing…..

    Adds “It is not the requirement of cosmic intelligence that we pray or of any parents.
    prayers are like tiny hands of child wants cosmic intelligence to taste the wonderful cosmos that has created. but mom all different people refer through different names .does not get offended as I easily get angry if somebody do this to me. mom says wisdom comes through kindness. kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy mother is happy.

    happiness is prayers and thanks to cosmic intelligence .


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