my longest day of the year has been exactly that

I entered Summer by driving 10 straight hours to a Wyoming hospital where my college-age daughter was taken after an Interstate rollover car crash with two of her cousins. Picked up my son along the way to help with driving and emotional support. The experience uncannily resembles certain aspects of my own rollover and resultant brain rewiring of 7 years ago; yet in a twisted way, I feel absolutely prepared (nay, authoritative) to be present and grounded for the situation. My girl had to stay overnight for monitoring. We’ll see if she is released and  ready for the long trip home today. I know she will need vast doses of MomLove, plus support on a variety of levels, all of which she will be given. Sometimes, some of us DO need to be “hit by a truck” (metaphorically; this was a young, tired driver error) in order to move forward with our soul journeys. I trust she will move through this and be fine — and will use her healing time perhaps to ponder how her life might now take some unexpected turns. We all feel blessed, of course, that everyone is able to walk out of the hospital unassisted and basically intact. In the meantime, I may be a bit slow in responding to Comments.

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  1. @Sabra, thank you for your kind thoughts.

    @Christy, your prayers are gratefully received.

    @Andrea, a lovely gesture from a newfound friend! Thank you.

    @ram0singhal, your divine prayers have made their way to our hearts.

    @edpilolla, yes, I have had several “close calls”– and they always bring accelerated growth and spiritual development. Though not always fun, I have yet to regret any of these “amazing friends.” Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

    @honorarynewfie, When I received my tbi, I knew without a doubt that I was being prepared to some day look others in the eyes and reassure them that truly, I knew exactly how they felt. Hmmm, just never imagined it would be with my own flesh and blood. Thank you for your kindness. (BTW, what did you make of the automotive oracle??)

    @earthianne, Yes, I agree with you that there are larger forces at work with events such as these. So much of the journey is releasing attachment to analyzing and understanding “why” while allowing insight and meaning to unfold on its own. I like having you visit here!

    @AnnFeder, Grateful for your thoughts and prayers. I know that Esther would be pleased to know that we are in touch.(Eva, too!)

    @tekia, No doubt that God had a hand in this. Even the State Trooper volunteered her opinion that “The Big Guy upstairs was looking out for these kids.” We are never given more than we can handle, eh? Thank you for the heartfelt wishes.

    @Martin, Well, actually, yes, I was in a literal rollover car crash in 2003, and came away from the experience with a literal mild traumatic brain injury. And yes, I am anticipating that very soon I will share further on this. As you might imagine, I have a lot to say on the subject, on many different levels! So grateful for your love, light and healing.


  2. Glad to hear that your daughter is ok, and that you are well placed to support her recovery. You mentioned your own rollover and brain rewiring – given your love of symbols, I take it this isn’t a literal reference? Are you in a position to share further? Either way, love, light and healing to you all.


  3. I agree with honorarynewfire that making sure your daughter has what she needs is the most important thing at the moment. I trust that all will be well for your daughter and your whole family as you guys move through this unsettling time. I’m glad that she and her cousins are alright, thanks be to God. That kind of thing is always scary, but, she has a network of support to help her through. I wish you and your family the best.


  4. Sorry to hear about (name deleted by protective Mom) accident, but happy to hear that she will be all right.
    Didln’t know about your own rollover. Brain rewiring? But of course! :-)
    Will keep her and your family in my prayers.


  5. Nobody knows better than you what she is going through at the moment and what she needs.
    Us out here can wait, you have more important considerations at the moment.
    Hope all is well, and don’t forget to take care of yourself too.


  6. best to your daughter. your life experience will, as you already suspect, serve her well. if we can survive, close calls can be amazing friends in this universe as we strive to grow. prayers to you and your family.


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