allow yourself to be awakened, allow yourself to be found

"Klimt's Pallas Athene"
Pallas Athene, by Gustav Klimt, 1898

To those who are lost,
Allow yourself to be found!
The map lay in your hand for eons
Your compass handily within reach –
And the wind blows gently at your back.

To those for whom the fog seems never to lift,
Allow yourself to be lifted!
Your inner strength spills over the causeway
Your deepest reserves scarce explored —
Hope attends you in grand measure and will not turn away.

To those who feel afraid,
Courage seeks your outstretched hand!
To those who have hidden your greatest gifts beneath the banyan tree
Fall to your knees and dig!
Creation aches to shower you with bejeweled goodness
If you would but open your eyes and see.

To those alone,
Know that lovers are looking for you
To the disenfranchised,
Freedom taps at your window
And justice now fervently calls your name!

It is time to answer.

To those harassed relentlessly by the darkness,
Rise up and rebuke all that aims to lead you away from your God!
Mercy still holds your heart in safekeeping
Joy endures, a patient and steady companion
Not one shard of the light has forsaken you.

To those asleep and benumbed,
Blink once, now twice!
To those held in abeyance, enchantment,
Allow yourself to be awakened with a strong and gentle kiss —
You may find a world safer than you imagine
And a You more brilliant than you have ever known.

7 thoughts

  1. @ramOsinghal,
    Your union with words seems to have no bounds. You continue to surprise and delight me. I am pleased to be on your blogroll and, in turn, I offer you blessings as well.

    Many thanks!

    And now, you have touched my heart in return. Welcome to Be Whole Now; please visit often.


  2. divine….how wonderful …..

    .“Enlightenment in a trice”.

    Learn to unlearn for space ……… Worship of work for pace ……….. Mind to no mind for surface…. You to yourself for own face…………… No one to know one for grace ……. Touch one to everyone for solace. Shower happiness for human race……. Sing new life for life’s ace…… Alive now for god’s place……………………..“Click here” now “


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