today, remain fluid in all things and unduly attached to none

Spanish Dancer by JS Sargent

There are times to be patient
and times to act.

Times to rise up strong and independent
and times to sink to the floor in surrender.

Change may very well ask you to be wildly proactive one day
and hands off the next,
an outspoken go-getter one week
and a quiet listener before the next rolls around.

Your best chance at riding out flux
is to remain fluid in all things
and unduly attached to none

This need not be backbreaking work,
though flexibility and the willingness to
shake the ridigity out of your bones are key.

Resist the temptation to jump to conclusions too early.

Do not hurdle over obstacles in your rush to reach a destination
before tasting the fullness of the journey.

The endless procession of choices and opportunities
will continue with or without you:
haste is a waste of your energy.

You will never be able to speed up change
or slow its inherent momentum,
and why would you want to?

Every stage of the process comes bearing its own gifts.

An inability to adapt will strip you of valuable dividends
and the wealth they contain.

4 thoughts

  1. This part here I find particularly fascinating:
    “:You will never be able to speed up change
    or slow its inherent momentum,
    and why would you want to?”
    because i so often have the feeling that the immense change occurring now calls for us to be pro-active, and AT THE SAME TIME I feel that I can never go beyond that next little step, whether it be into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or up onto the stage front and center – it is just the same little step and each time it is obvious what I am asked to do. So relax and enjoy! I guess so, I will relax more now, thanks!


  2. ram and souldipper,

    Whenever I feel that the Internet cannot satisfy my longing for authentic connection, that the presence of words on a screen can never replace the experience of looking into the eyes of another and feeling our shared heartbeat…

    …the two of you gently show me another way. You remind me that Love’s expression is supported by technology as well as theology and biology.

    And for that, I am grateful beyond measure.


  3. Rachel, I love your wisdom. Reading this feels like I’m listening to a mother spirit tame the ruffled feathers of a discontent child.

    Many thanks for a worthwhile blueprint!


  4. divine and dear Rachel….creative enlightenment….
    be neutral inside and natural outside…..water is neutral and zero….nature of God….fluid in all situation…
    love all…

    p.s….your visit to my blog …grace of God…thanks


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