stretch break: emmanuel dagher and lauren c. gorgo

In “Shakespeare in Love” — one of my all-time favorite films — there’s an early scene where Shakespeare begins to spout poetry to his beleaguered financial backer, who implores,”We haven’t got time, Will. Speak prose.

The energies being what they are right now, I feel I haven’t time to write poetry or prose, but luckily, others do. So here’s a stretch break that may feel like a comfortable old hat for some of you — and a new way of looking at the world for others. Take what you like and leave the rest.

First, along comes Emmanuel Dagher — whose work I generally pass over — with this pitch-perfect message for those of us who have followed arduous paths and feel long overdue for some of the sweet stuff. For me, Dagher laid out a lush, red carpet and a gentle invitation to “hang up my warrior shoes” and make room for a new era of ease and grace. See if it resonates with you…

Here is his April message, “The New Era of Ease and Grace.”

Then, the irrepressible Lauren C. Gorgo chimes in with an update entitled “Reassessing, Redirecting, and Resetting.” As usual, it’s a direct hit, laced with bulls-eyes such as, “We have spent so many years alone with ourselves, “remembering who we really are,” that it’s now bordering on self-indulgent. I mean seriously people…how much of ourselves can we really take?” Gorgo rarely fails to validate, illuminate, and entertain me. See what you think…

Visit Gorgo’s April 7 blog post right here.

And, for those of you who feel yourselves crowning in a personal rebirth, take a quick peek at The World According to Kristina over here.

As for me, I’m right here, putting the “now” in Be Whole Now and eating organic dark chocolate to my heart’s content.

7 thoughts

  1. …not sure about the move Dearest Rachel. Fear gripped my ankles today but some Dear One is wresting that away for me…will keep you posted…as if you need that…haha. ♥


  2. Kristina,
    Your symbolic take on things never ceases to amaze me! I’ll be your doula if you’ll be mine…

    As always, you speak a rich truth gained from living an authentic life. Accompanied by dark chocolate, of course. Your declaration that “Bleeding on the world is not knowing oneself” is a gem for the ages.

    The image of you proceeding forth with your Heart grabbing sweetly around your ankles will reside in my consciousness forever! :) Do I detect relocation in your voice?


  3. OHHHHHH RAchel…We may soon be having to move the location of our field trip together :) Hang on Dear Sister, for the Ride! You have been One immense Blessing for aligning mySelf with Me! May I proceed forth without tripping too much and with a Heart that is grabbing sweetly around these ankles.


  4. This is a time for truly knowing oneself. Authentically. Meditatively. From my observations, people who could be labeled self-indulgent are often the lost souls who do not know how to get to their true depth. Bleeding on the world is not knowing oneself. It’s a cry for help to find silence and reparation.

    Living the “now” is a fabulous way to know who we truly are. Especially when accompanied by dark chocolate.


  5. Thank you for the mention :-D

    Luckily, the narrowest place does not last for long! Thank god that delivery is very intense and short!!
    Can you imagine what a contrast; from the narrowest of places and then suddenly limitless space! WOW!

    Chocolate, honey, all things dripping of sweetness are symbolic. Next is the Honey Moon!


  6. Of course you do, Tekia!! Chocolate is the tip-top of the food pyramid for awakening souls. And no, not the Dove; I’m a discerning connoisseur of ChocoLove, made in Boulder, Colorado. And where Dove includes the inspirational sayings, ChocoLove includes an entire love poem on the inside of its wrappers.


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