40,000 norwegians respond with love (video; 2:37)

In Oslo and other sites around Norway, 40,000 people gathered with folksinger Lillebjørn Nilsen and others to raise their voices in love. Standing in the rain, together they sang the 1970s-era peace song, Children of the Rainbow, which had been described as “Marxist propaganda” by a man now on trial for murdering 77 Norwegians, mostly teenagers, last July. According to UK-based Reuters/Guardian, the crowd chose the song because it “extols the type of multicultural society (the accused) has said he despises.” Way to occupy the heart of the world, Norway! This is what it looks like when hate and violence meet up with large-scale courage and fearlessness…

6 thoughts

  1. Leslie,
    And surely, Norway xoxoxox you in return! ((()))

    You speak a great truth. If we have learned anything, it is that “an eye for an eye” leaves everyone blind. Only Love has the power to dissolve hatred, judgment, oppression, and violence. ((()))

    You’re welcome. Isn’t it great that we find inspiration in these images and words — even if we do not understand the spoken language? The language of the Heart knows no boundaries. ((()))

    You are so right. These times urge us into new levels of courage and new pathways of evolution. I always love knowing that you have stopped by to visit. ((()))

    Ever notice that we can be overwhelmed and oversaturated with information — yet we can take in authentic inspiration in copious quantities and still have room for more? ((()))


  2. Thanks Rachel, I appreciate you keeping us abreast of what is going on… with the technology today it is a bit easier, even when we get over whelmed with so much information.


  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, Rachel. I had read the article the other day but hadn’t seen the video. Truly inspiring.


  4. once again, the human spirit trumps hatred. May this be a model for the world as massive arrests of our oppressors occur and their heinous acts are fully revealed. Beaming light and love to them may be the most powerful act ever witnessed on the planet.


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