this love shall not be contained (audio 3:36)

Prairie Poet with Apron

To you I say without hesitation,
With full-throated declaration
and the quaking  of worlds beneath my skin
Wherever you may be along your twisting path
There is a love that rains down upon you even in your
frail and fettered moments of discontent and alienation –
And this love shall not be contained

Feel these arms gently holding you
without pause or thought of who
you believe you are or have been or not been,
Let your parched soul drink in the nectar
of a kiss borne on the wings of ancient butterflies
Carried aloft by stars who know your name
and the very song that sings the blood
through your chest –
Once and for all, set down the relentless
and burdensome baggage you consented to
drag across timelines of pain and mediocrity,
Fling it overboard into an uncharted twilight
and resume your abeyant lucency

Do not weep over bodily conditions
Fret not your ache-weary countenance
the fraying landscape beyond,
The deluded prohibitions of others
were never designed to blossom
in your sacred inner soil ~
There is an intelligence woven into the fabric
of your infinite beingness, and
despite whatever hologram has been projected
onto your range of sight and belief,
This intelligence will neither be contained
nor denied by interference or compromise

To you I whisper,
words wrapped tenderly, secure
Have courage and renewed trust
in your own divinity!
There are open doorways and thresholds
you may now walk through
with head held high,
Generous spirits await your arrival
and the incomparable gifts you extend
The promise you have sheltered
‘neath your heart remains well and alive ~
This love, this goodness, this connection,
this belonging, this unalterable and
unceasing desire and capacity for joy
that you felt was outside your reach
now hovers close,
And to you I say without hesitation
This love shall not be contained

7 thoughts

  1. Julie! How wonderful to hear from you. Would love to know how you and your family are. I spent quite a bit of last year in northern CA, though never got all the way up to your neck of the woods. Assuming you’re still up there, of course. These days, one can never assume. Much Love to you, sweet friend!


  2. Good morning Rachel…what a beautiful picture and what a beautiful piece of writing. As always, inspirational and soothing and yummy! Hope you are well. xoxo


  3. As always Sister Soul…I come away with food for my heart…
    I’m shining a light on you today over on Facebook, simply
    because your light is so bright and beautiful.
    In Divine Light…
    Akasa WolfSong


    1. Thank you, Sweet Sister! I don’t personally do FB, so it’s wonderful when someone else gets me in that flow. Today was the first day in many, many months that I was inspired to write. Felt very very good. Do you ever travel? I am opening my home to resonant spirits such as yourelf who thirst for a quiet, peaceful, nurturing environment to rest, recharge, reconnect, regroup, create. The photo illustrates the area in which I live. Was going to blog about this in a bit, tho it appears I just put the word out there. LOL. Thanks for the nudge… Love and Blessings to You and Yours, Beautiful One!


      1. Dear Rachel…No, I no longer travel anywhere…I traveled so much in my younger years that I just don’t feel like going anywhere any longer. I love being close to home or at home. However, that being said, it sounds like what you offer is heavenly. Someone will be Divinely led to you or you to them. I do thank you for the wonderful offer though! :) Yes, I love the photo you use for this post…tell me, is it you? Radiant Blessings to You and Yours!


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