About Rachel Snyder

I have long relied on the written and spoken word to inspire myself and others to deepen our hungers for spiritual evolution and embrace the exquisite challenges, joys and sorrows of a full-spectrum life.

A devotee of the meandering path, I have at turns been a journalist, a marketing copywriter, a stall mucker, an innsitter, an agent of change, a housecleaner, and a public elected official. The journey of the seeker, woman, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, lover, and friend, continues without end.

I find my deepest knowing, expression, and connection within lettters, words, and phrases. Each one is a living, breathing organism that yearns to live and dance, blossom and fade, and touch us deeply in the process. These words and sounds envelop me and in turn, I give them voice and set them free. 

Here, I share the fruits of my passion, my service, my calling. Welcome to my studio, my gallery, my sacred lodge: your presence is a gift for which I am more grateful than you can ever know.

17 thoughts

  1. Beautiful blog and inspiring works of art. Rachel’s craft is raw, authentic and a reflection of who she is to the core. Not only that, she knows a thing or two about improving others’ work. Rachel supported me through Graduate school by polishing my work and making me a better writer. Thank you Rachel, for all that you do!

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  2. when we choose to listen from our heart, speak from our soul and always allow the universe to guide or path, well; we come to know what it is to truly know and as such I bow to your undeniable vibrational gravitas Rachel. Be well, extending my warm wishes and grateful thanks, regards, Barry


    1. Your words, “undeniable vibrational gravitas,” washed over my soul as if sipped from a golden chalice of light. At this time, on this particular day, in this place and time, I can scarcely imagine a more exquisite, meaningful, and priceless gift. As is often said, “…exactly what I needed to hear…” Thank you, Brother, for seeing me so clearly and offering up your reflection. *releases long, sinewy outbreath and resets roots into the earth*

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  3. Hello Rachel,
    Recently I was in Ashland, OR and our friend Julie Madsen showed us the Crafts Gallery where she works her day job now, and there in her booth were several of your WDW poems! They look beautiful! ☼ tomas


    1. Yeah, funny how those WDW poems get around…

      Did JM mention that I will be coming your way in early summer? My daughter is about to become a Duck with a Diploma!


  4. I was approached by a stranger, who was nice enough to give me this info to help me w/ the “Cosmic shift”…an Afro-American man took his time with me to enlighten me w/ websites that I shared w/ FB friends…I consider this a blessing…yes..2013 will be a very good year! Peace and Goodwill to All this holiday season! thank-you, Katherin Kovin-Pacino


    1. Katherin, thank you for sharing your story. Isn’t it true that “strangers” show up at the perfect time, perfect place, to give us priceless gems of information and insight? That always exhilarates me. On to 2013! May You and Yours Receive The Peace and Love of this potent season.


    1. I’m still grinning over the phrase “…the Highest bidder…” It carries so many possible meanings.

      I sure look forward to receiving those galactic royalty checks. I put in my requisition light-years ago!! Many Thanks…


  5. Thank you, Simonetta. I hope the new design makes it easier and more enjoyable for people to track our progress with the Global Poetry-Share. Now, if I can only figure out how to send those tiny virtual bottles off into the greater galactic Universe… (:


  6. Just happened to stop by your blog and I love the spirit of creativity here! I will be following your blog, reading your poems, and monitoring the progress of your project (who knows, maybe I’ll join as the one of the original 33!). Blessings.


    1. Wonderful to see you here, Sariyd. If your heart guides you to join in the Words Divinely Wrought poetry project, we will welcome you joyfully! I have visited your site and I feel very much at home there. Please drop by often!


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