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My early books are nearly all out-of-print at this point – and in some cases, all or partial rights have reverted to me. I suspect that used or remaindered copies can be had cheaply on the Internet. Meanwhile, I have shifted my creative energies toward deeper spiritual material and my novella-length work of literary fiction (as yet unpublished, but you never know).

My first book, 365 Words of Well-Being for Women, was published in 1995 by Contemporary Books, who eventually merged with The McGraw-Hill Companies. The original book was absolutely lovely in design and production, but, alas, the quality paper, ink colors, and ideal gift-book size took a tumble in a subsequent printing. Excerpts ran in McCall’s magazine as a 5-page spread plus a monthly feature and the book also led to a monthly back-page feature in American Baby magazine around the turn of the century. As they say, the best thing about a first book is that it may lead to…

…a second book, which in this case was What There Is To Love About A Man, published by Sourcebooks in 1999. I contend that this is the only book in captivity written by a woman for the sole purpose of unabashedly honoring and celebrating all things male — body, mind, and spirit. The back-cover copy says it all: “Insightful, enlightening and more than a little sizzling, this book is guaranteed to inspire new appreciation for any man that you know, and a richer, deeper affection for every man that you love.” I would love to see the sentiments expressed in this out-of-print gem repackaged, reformatted, or otherwise resurrected in collaboration with a savvy publisher or book packager.

In 2002, Contemporary Books brought out 365 Words of Well-Being for Mothers, which seemed to crash and burn on arrival due to a host of issues including a misstep with the cover design as well as my own experience in a rollover car crash that took me out of the game for about a year with a mild traumatic brain injury. Too bad, since I felt the book was even richer than the title that spawned it. Amazon offers a Kindle download, though paper copies are nearly non-existent.

2003 was the year that I barely remember, except to say that Barnes & Noble secured the rights to publish a hardcover Bargain Book version of “365 Words of Well-Being for Women,” albeit with a new title and cover. Words of Wisdom for Women contains the identical content as the original, if you can find a copy. The book used to show up on the website at irregular intervals, and sometimes on display at a B&N store, but my limited information suggests that this book is now out-of-print as well. B& offers used copies for a penny (sigh); and a recent reviewer noted she picked one up at a Goodwill thrift store. Still gave it five stars, though, and for that, how could I not be grateful?

My most recent book, Be Filled with Faith, was released in 2010 by Blue Mountain Press of Boulder, Colorado. It is universally spiritual though not religious, and offers up a more inclusive meaning to the word “faith.” Copies of this book are probably for sale on the Internet for pocket change, as well. I also have entries in numerous Blue Mountain Arts anthologies, as well as a scant handful of greeting cards. The publisher and I amicably parted ways once my Work took on a flavor no longer aligned with their market. In my editor’s words, my work was becoming “..too literary and esoteric.” Works for me!

Here are my words from the Introduction:

Faith is a precious commodity that money can’t buy.
It must be cultivated from within — nurtured by an open heart and
lifted up by a willing spirit. Faith won’t suddenly show up
on your doorstep one day, but when you prepare the way for faith,
you may be astonished at the inner strength that becomes yours.
You’ll feel more empowered —
better able to navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns
with less stress and a greater sense of peace.

From strong spirit, strong faith is born.
When you are filled with faith, you may find yourself being
patient, awestruck, and unafraid of your fears.
You may be humble, bold, connected, forgiving,
and exactly who you are.
Your faith will express itself in ways seen and unseen
by those around you, and you may even surprise yourself.
Most importantly, you will discover an endless source of support
that can carry you through times of great challenge
as well as great joy.

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    1. So lovely to see you here, Chantal! If anyone reading this has children, knows children, or loves what children mean to the future of our planet, click over to The School of Happiness to learn more about the grand mission that Michelle and her international team are offering. I am thrilled to be participating in an upcoming event (virtual, of course) that focuses on Writing as a Healing Tool. Sorry for the link glitch here; just click on Chantal’s name to go to The School of Happiness site. You will be amazed at what you see!


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