(m)Use Your Words!

Wild Flowers, Mahmud Tagiyev, 1923-2001

I have relied on the written/spoken word to inspire, empower, persuade, inform, educate, motivate, sell, and entertain for decades.

I dance with words, play with words, make love to words, and honor the exuberant sweep and immeasurable power of words.

Whether you’re seeking to polish a rough draft, jump-start a stalled project, or take your creativity to a place you’ve never been, I invite you to (m)Use Your Words! with me.

If you are looking to elevate the integrity, authenticity, and impact of your wordplay or wordwork, come (m)Use Your Words! with me. You can use as many characters as you like and even break a few rules in the process.

Unleash the words you feel compelled to express, and breathe new life into the old and tired.

Where Do Your Words Want To Go Today?

  • Energizing Essays
  • Rousing Speeches
  • Persuasive Opinion Pieces
  • Evocative Commemorative Poetry
  • Rhyming Poems for Children
  • Inspiring Self-Published Books
  • Convincing Marketing Copy
  • Compelling Memoirs
  • Thought-Provoking Articles
  • Anywhere that a solid edit can enhance your desired outcome!

How Will We Work Together For Maximum Success?

It depends on time, money, energy, and what works best for the both of us. Do you want creative musing or have you completed a project and are seeking that last edit from fresh eyes? Do you like being given discrete tasks, or is your intent to do as little as possible and set me loose with some general guidelines? My Work is not so much a commodity as an opportunity for spirited and highly productive collaboration. No matter the topic or framework, let’s enjoy the ride!

On The Subject Of Money…

I’m a bit unconventional in this regard. I do not charge by the hour nor by the page, as I have found those approaches run counter to the creative process. Once you contact me with your initial questions, ideas, or a preliminary proposal, I will intuitively arrive at what feels to be a fair exchange for us both. After talking it over, we will ideally come to an agreement. I request a partial payment when we begin, and the remainder when we are complete. No matter what your circumstances may be, please do not hesitate to Contact me and share openly.

Rachel’s phenomenal ability to infuse new life and new energy into words is quite impressive. She provided refreshing insight for a labor of love I was blessed to self-publish, and helped to create a beautiful space for my words to breathe! The ease with which she connected with my inner voice was truly majestic. Certainly no coincidence our paths crossed in a most miraculous way!”

Crystal Lawrence, Author
“Inspiration for the Heart of a Woman”