this fragile web: why every moment matters (video 3:31)

Note: Audio kicks in at :21.

this fragile web: why every moment matters

it is such a delicate configuration,
this gossamer in which we place our hopes and dreams

and so it is wise never to squander gifts given,
tender mercies received,
for who can say when the door to grace will slide slowly shut
when the wafer of heaven we rub between our fingers dissolves
when all that we believe to be enduringly ours
is borne away by a wafting breeze

it is such a fragile web,
this tottering cradle from which we revisit the dawn
greet the moon
offer our hearts bared raw and unvarnished,
lean into palisades we fabricate to buffer ourselves from the wind
from each other

every moment matters
be it cloaked in darkness
arrayed in brilliance,
this one carries the seed of the next,
germ of the former,
an endless procession of unformed outcomes
spirals and swirls in search of higher ground

and so it is wise to remain awake
merrily gathering whispers of life in braided baskets,
knowing full well that the unraveling never ceases
and the birthing never ends

2 thoughts

  1. ram, what a gift to feel your radiant presence and your outpouring love! My morning is already uplifted by imagining you tip-toeing through my site, watching videos, taking in the essence of words, and smiling in agreement. Greetings to you and your beloved family.


  2. dear and divine Rachel ……. greet the moon ….. greet the noon ….. welcome afternoon ….. happiness for every moment is a greatest boon …… your poems and video are in timeless beauty and reflect silence …… my greetings and gratitude for guiding me also on this path …… love all.


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