stretch break: bryan de flores & the money tree of life

If you’ve ever had inklings that there is more to life than the mundane reality you walk around in every day, here’s another chance to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Or not. The choice is always yours.

Bryan de Flores has created a vast library of thousands of pieces of accelerator art — multidimensional templates that can help to upgrade your consciousness, expand your brain, heal your body, and return you to your original blueprint of perfection. Just by ordering and spending time with these images, you can dissolve old patterns – whether inherited or conditioned — and finally let go of old and no-longer-useful beliefs, including those around self-worth and survival. 

 Stroll through Bryan’s galleries and you’ll be astounded by his body of work! You may find yourself gravitating to certain images, even while part of your brain is saying, “Wait a minute! Are you kidding me? How can this work?” Invite that voice to hush for a bit, and keep on going.

Bryan’s website is a large, well-organized, and exceedingly vibrant phantasmagoria — though it might be overwhelming if you’re unaccustomed to stepping through portals and accessing inter-dimensional frequencies. To bring it all down to earth, click on Higher Perspectives once you arrive at his home page, and give a listen to the Money Tree of Life audio-visual activation. Who knows what you might unleash in the prosperity department?

Bryan’s Language of Light material is also fascinating: Imagine how exquisite the penmanship of angels might be. Let yourself meander. See where your eyes and your heart lead you. You just might be surprised where you land!

 The adventure starts here.   Go ahead.  Stretch…

2 thoughts

    1. Katherin,
      Welcome to Be Whole Now! I have been away from the Bryan deFlores material for quite some time. Thanks for reminding me of his potent work. Isn’t it funny how “total strangers” can know with absolute clarity what we need, when we need it? All Best…


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