eclectica: by the numbers v.2

Another wrap-up of interesting numbers from this week:

12,000 words represented by these 12 photos from Reuters — their pick of the best of the week worldwide. If you turn up the volume, you also hear a brief note on what makes the images particularly notable. The whole world at your fingertips!

12 days to go under the influence of the March 21 full moon. Robert Wilkinson’s ginormous astrology website counsels: “…Re-shape your expectations and beliefs as you get a broader, more integrated view of things, figure out basic steps to take to secure what’s already in motion, and forgive a lot. It’s the end of the end and the beginning of the beginning, so take a deep breath and move into the future with good humor…”

55th is what linear timeologists are calling the birthday I just celebrated. (No matter how I check the math, I still get “timeless.”)

3 literary agents queried re: my first work of literary fiction, “When The Spring Breeze Come Dancin’ By.” One down, two to go, top of the first.

$350,000 minimum advance on the table for a Random House book based on the pop culture phenom blog, What White People Like. My guess? Steroids.

48 minutes required for me to rock, roll, bend, twist, break, and finally liberate my Dodge Charger Miracle Auto from its shackles, sans the nano-size Phillips-head screwdriver. During the entire operation, the relic lay on its back like an upended turtle, screeching at me, “Let’s go! Let’s go! Come on and take a free ride, free ride!” The beginning of the story is right here.

Happy Renewal-Oriented-Spring-Holiday-Of-Your-Choice…

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