stretch break: dawn knapp

This week’s stretch break features Dawn Knapp, a gifted healer and intuitive who has assisted me on my journey since our first session over 10 years ago. She’s got the first page of her new website up, and although she’s currently based in Florida, her remote healings are just as potent as the in-person variety (except for the bodywork/massage piece, which is a divine treat for muscles and such).

My testimonial for Dawn was written a long time ago, and it’s truer today than it ever was. Here it is; you can read what others have to say when you link over to her website.

“It’s hard to describe exactly what goes on in a session with Dawn — but I know unquestionably what effect it has on me. It’s part body work, but so much more. It’s energetic healing, yet that hardly says it all. The simplest way to explain it is this: When your body, mind and spirit are expanding; when suddenly nothing at all seems to fit, and the story of your own life has become too confining for your soul to inhabit, Dawn will assist you in making the necessary adjustments at every level.

“Her presence alone brings in an energy that is as safe and loving as the arms of Spirit itself. Don’t be surprised if the room fills with angels. You may sink into a blissful sleep while old wounds and limiting patterns are washed away. You may find yourself recounting other lifetimes, or finishing up old business from childhood. In a way you can’t quite explain, you may find yourself recreating your reality right down to the very core of your DNA.

“When you are ready to receive the loving support the Universe has to offer, you will remember who you are and why you are here. Your session with Dawn may leave you ready for a long nap, or it may leave you instantly energized. Don’t insist on understanding what she will do and what it will look like, and what you may feel. Each session with Dawn is unique and perfect for the moment.

“Simply ask yourself, ‘Am I ready to expand into the richest expression of who I am on Earth?’ If the answer is yes, call on Dawn. And trust that together, you will bring new balance and peace to every part of your life. Dawn’s gift is healing. Are you ready to receive yours?”

Feel free to leave general questions for Dawn in the Comments thread here. If you’re wondering, chances are someone else is, too! Come on, S-T-R-E-T-C-H!

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