eldorado, texas: i will not listen to intellectual arguments

Don’t even talk to me about individual liberty and states’ rights and freedom of religion: I will not listen to intellectual arguments.

Do not cite Constitutional precedent or Scripture from any faith tradition from any hemisphere. Do not utter one word about alternative lifestyles and consensual adults and freedom of sexual expression. Not in the context of Eldorado, Texas. Not when women and young girls and young boys are being denied the right to self-determination, education, and the pursuit of a life free from spiritual and physical violence.

I will no longer listen to rants that seek to vindicate practices espousing pedophilia and rape and the tyranny of theological totalitarianism. My ears ring with the unspoken cries of women and children who have not even had the chance to know what they might be missing. My heart aches for every woman who has been reduced to chattel, for every girl stripped of the opportunity to experience the sweet surrender of physical union founded on mutual love and trust.

Regarding this topic, at this time, I am open neither to quiet conversation nor boisterous debate.

The mother in me keens for every boy who has been tossed onto the highway as penance for the crime of being young and alive and handsome and inquiring. The humanist in me decries this Afghanistan in our midst, these human puppy mills, these limp and bedraggled rationalizations that cloak slavery behind a veil woven from a twisted and misguided view of freedom.

As a spiritualist, I pray for an upwelling of hearts and the deeply wrought conviction that this can not – will not – stand for one more moment in one more life in one more place.

Endless wrangling over philosophy and practice neither soothes nor offers refuge to one bewildered woman nor a single displaced child. The wringing of hands and bleeding of hearts placates not one soul’s inborn hunger for a fully realized life.

For over five years, I have carried the vision of a sanctuary for women and children in transition, in the high desert of the American Southwest. The time is now, and I am seeking assistance in acquiring land. I will respond to your Comment privately, if you request.

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  1. Alan writes: So many thank yous for your incessant speaking and feeling for us that say just a little less and say it a little less poetically correctly. I Love you! and I appreciate your writing and walking and being among us.


  2. Thank you all for your support.

    Another friend emailed me to say:

    “It’s very brave and your quest is remarkable. The Texas tragedy, as it’s described in the news is alarming. But, it’s been going on for years and years. I know many woman and their children who have made the break successfully. Bravo for them. Their network is amazing, and they do have escape options, but so many don’t seek it, probably because they’re so brainwashed.

    My question is, how do you change the men that demand all this power???”

    Rachel here: I will keep you all posted as I bring this vision to fruition. This Call has been too insistent, for too long, for me to ignore.

    Thank you, Laurie, for your contribution to my information-gathering efforts. My faith is unshakeable that everything will be provided in perfect timing.

    The sanctuary is called Magdalena’s Well. The mission statement, as it were, is “Here, a woman’s thirsts may be quenched, and her spirit set free.” Men who honor the feminine in themselves and others, will be welcome, too. Of course.


  3. Powerful blog, Rachel. I only hope that those around you will assist you in your desire to help. I hope my small part helps.


  4. Blog-Challenged Mark in California writes:


    Powerful, heartfelt and spot on.

    It is just wrong. There is no justification – not hiding behind a religion, or a right, or a warped value. We are here to mentor and guide the next generation, not abuse them as our muses.

    I too pray and work for the spiritual elevation of mankind – and not some twisted and bastardized version of the Truth.

    The ONLY good that my spiritually youthful eyes can see is that it calls us, all of us, to action and not turn away from such atrocities.

    Thank you for your words and your passion.


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