word of the day: struggle

Does it feel like you’ve been struggling forever? If you haven’t been struggling to make ends meet, you’ve been struggling to balance your family, yourself, and your job. You’ve been struggling to discover your true nature and the work you were put here to do. You’ve been struggling to live joy in a world filled with fear. Right now, feel that the struggle is over. Close your eyes and find an internal peace where struggle no longer exists. Feel your shoulders drop as you release years of struggle. It’s over. See your spine straighten and your neck lengthen as your burden lightens. It’s gone now. Struggle. Erase the word from your mind and banish the feeling from your body. You choose. Write a goodbye letter to the struggles you’re leaving behind. Tell them thanks for the memories, but it’s time to hit the road. And tell struggle not to come back. No more, no more, no more, no more!

To help you lighten up as you release your attachment to struggle, here’s a short video (1:40) called One Semester of Spanish Love Song. If you don’t see the video directly below, click here to transport yourself over to youtube.


5 thoughts

  1. Dawn,

    “Struggle” appears in both the original “365 Words of Well-Being for Women” (and its reprint version “Words of Wisdom for Women”). Also, a variation on the word can be found in the currently-out-of-print “365 Words of Well-Being for Mothers” — which is the version excerpted here.

    That said, this post arose from some struggle-release work I did in the last day or so, with some assistance from my gifted friend Dawn Knapp (-; who is linked in the Health & Healing category in the sidebar to your right.


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