word for today & every day: surrender

This word pushes buttons all over the place!

Give in, give over to something larger than yourself. Sink to the floor and cry and wail if you must, and acknowledge you’re lost, confused, afraid.

To some, it means to give up, to accept defeat, to hand your sword over to the enemy. It means “I have lost.” It’s something you scream out loud so your brother or sister or best friend will stop tickling you. Others couch it in religious terms; the surrender is to an all-powerful God. Surrender is something you do — or more likely, adamantly refuse to do.

Give in, give over to something wiser than yourself. Stop trying to work out solutions in your brain, and let go of your desire to be in control (which, by the way, is a highly over-rated position). Just give in.

Over time, surrender has become one of my favorites, part of a family that includes gratitude, joy, love, grace, peace, forgiveness, among others. Each of these words represents so much more than an action you execute in response to a given set of circumstances: Each is rounder, fuller, embracing a quality or presence that you cultivate throughout life. Surrender isn’t something you do between getting the oil changed and upgrading your cell phone service. You breathe it, live it, embody and express it.

Cry out “It’s too hard!” if it feels that way. Yell and scream “It’s not fair!” if it isn’t. When you’re through kicking and screaming, just surrender.

Surrender is not for the weak, but the strong. It connotes not failure, but victory over that which threatens to hold you in emotional, psychological, physical, or spiritual bondage. Surrender is the liberator, the freedom-bringer, the warrior wielding the sharp sword that looses the ties that too-tightly bind. Surrender beckons, invites you to lay down your burden, exhale your anger, jettison your resentment, offload your baggage in exchange for a lightness of being and an ease that allows you to feel response-able in every moment (instead of responsible for all time).

Surrender is the crown jewel of “letting go” (perhaps Job One for most of us right now). Same song, different lyric, stronger melody. And by the way, this word has been whispering in my ear for several days now, as I quietly, patiently (mostly), wait for that perfect moment when I manifest safe passage from here in rural Utah, back home to Colorado — even though I feel “done” here and a tad antsy. Pondering, writing about, and accepting surrender’s invitation to dance, sure beat whipping myself into a knotted frenzy!

Imagine a place where you can drop off a basketful of your pain, fear, and darkness and say “Here, it’s yours” to a kindly soul who will return your interior laundry in a cleaner, crisper form.

But first, you must say I surrender…

7 thoughts

  1. outdoors2,

    Your emphasis on the word WILL in your first sentence, reveals you as one who knows of what he speaks. Thanks to you, too…-R.


    Yeah, the big grey dog brought me home (at least most of the way); there’s a blog post to follow, to be sure, with musings on the 16-hour journey. (-; Thanks for the kind words.

    Yes! For me, surrendering is a way TO the light, and, truly, never AWAY from anything; the ego/personality/lower self yielding, giving up control to the limitless All-There-Is. In return, we are offered The All, The Everything. Not saying that it’s a cake walk, though it does get easier and gentler over time, with practice.

    So then, if the question is, “Who does the Grail serve?” — is the answer “The Goddess?”


  2. The Knight always acknowledges the goddess he serves. If not, he serves himself alone and no good Kabbalist would see that as a way to connect with the light. The light is greater, is more, and if the word “surrender” indicates that we are part of an “all” then it is apt to the journey, it’s everyday connotations of giving up and running away notwithstanding.



  3. Agreed, surrendering to an enigmatic spiritual stronghold, Will in fact release the chains that bind you to the captor. Quite the opposite to what is true in our physical world. I also like the way you’ve switched around responsible, Rachel. To be able to respond has more clout than a reactive response-ability



  4. Uduzit,

    Isn’t it great when we move to the “more gently” phase? And yes indeed, Spirit does have a way of getting our attention! This is your first comment here, isn’t it? Glad you found your way, whatever way that was. Please visit again and share more of your wisdom and experience…

    I wrote this post right on Main Street in TTown, so no surprise if it had your name all over it. Methinks I’ll be hitting the road before Thursday is over – might catch the Big Grey Dog – which is cheaper than gas even if I do have to twist my legs into pretzels. But I will be back. Most definitely. You betcha…


  5. Perfectly apt post, per usual, my dear! It zoomed out & whacked me between the eyeballs. Yep. Yep. Surrender. Got it. I surrender! I’m lost, afraid, & confused. I surrender–someone else can take it on now!

    On practical note: maybe I’ll get to see you tomorrow in county! And I’ll be driving to the boomtown of R. on Friday to drop off the trailer—maybe you will manifest a ride home from there & I’ll help you get that far at least….


  6. Surrender got me out of the way. Once I stepped back, I could see there were other possibilities.Those potentials happened as my energy bubbled up from within, guided by my own Spirit.

    My Spirit knows where I need to be going and guides me well.

    Sometimes, my best course is no course. I don’t wish to always accept that, but Spirit has a way of getting my attention.

    It happens more gently now, but that first surrender rocked me to my core.

    Thanks for your beautiful article. Smiles. ET


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