are you ready to be whole now? take this quiz!

1. Are you ready to disconnect from anything and everything that devalues, devitalizes, or diminishes your capacity to live the full-spectrum life you were born to live – including people, places, pets, possessions, professions, and old patterns? Are you ready to consider that your departure may serve the expanding lives of those vibrational organisms as well?

2. Are you ready to forget much of what you’ve read, even more of what you’ve been taught, and nearly all that you’ve been told – thereby creating space to bring forth your own original and unique insights and information?

3. Are you ready to peel layer after layer of protective armoring, be it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual? Really? Are you ready to hang in there for the duration?

4. Are you ready to feel the pain, fear, sorrow, disorientation, frustration, rage, guilt, and yes, joy! that will likely be dislodged in the peeling? Are you ready to give up your inclinations to stuff, numb, or otherwise disclaim what you might feel?

5. Are you ready to remember? To remember the profound truth of who you are, where you came from, and why you are here in this place at this time? Are you yearning to remember a story vast and huge and perhaps unfathomable to your rational mind?

6. Are you ready to experience some measure of discomfort in your quest for a much longer-lasting personal freedom? Are you ready to walk through the fire, climb the glass mountain, hang on a hook in the underworld, enter the foreboding castle – with the knowing that you seek the formidable prize of becoming?

7. Are you ready to forgive? Others, certainly, but more important, are you ready to forgive yourself for being human and flawed and frail, and sometimes driven by forces to whose bidding you feel powerless? Can you find your way through to forgiveness?

8. Are you ready to claim your own power? Can you step into your place on the circle with a fierce confidence, a quiet strength, an unwavering willingness to bring all that you have to the table? Can you accept that some others may step away from you in the process?

9. Are you ready to surrender much of what you know for even more of what you can scarcely imagine? Are you ready to give up your grasping, your intellectual maneuverings, your five-year plan, and the part of your ego that wants what it wants, when it wants it, and in a precise shape, form and manner?

10. Are you ready to allow? Can you let down your guard, soften your defenses, and allow yourself to need help, to need love, to need other people, to need solitude? When offerings are made – from whatever source – can you give the gift of accepting without apology or belittlement of the giver, the receiver, or the gift?

11. Are you ready to love? To embody it, express it, feel it deeply? To get it — really get it — that there’s only one of us here, that everyone is a walking reflection of you and you, in turn, live behind the eyes of every man, woman, and child of every hue and history? More important, are you ready to be love in every moment and every action that you take? Or at least, are you ready to try?

Scoring: No one except you can know whether you’re “ready.” And if you think they can, then chances are, er, uh, hmmm . . . you’re not. * smile and a wink *

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