let this be the day

Let this be the day
The day of silent wisdom flowing through cupped hands
Spilling over the battlements in enquenchment
Trickling into your parched and blistered heart
And bringing forth the tender blossomings hid thereunder

Let this be the day you softly douse the final ember
Cool the incessant fire that once threatened to leap over hedged edges
Sought to swallow every morsel in its hot and baited breath
Lick delicately crafted intention into submission
And singe spirit’s embryonic beginnings and nascent ends

Let this very day couch beside the river of becoming most gloried
Shirking ambiguity
Thundering a roar of acquiescence
Reverberating through inner hallways of infinite knowing
And gently blowing open doorways to rooms gilded for your inner gain

In your deepest pockets of being you have ached for the anointment of this moment
Have poked and prodded
Cried out with fervent yearning
Resuscitated too-long buried passions
You have beseeched the keymaster endlessly for that which has always been yours

This is the day for the loosening of limitation
Shuck off your brittled fears
Surrender to unfathomable imaginings
Within you universes are impatient to be wrought!

Let this dawning be the first splash of light to grace your freshly rendered countenance
This moment, let it herald the opening dance
Rise up with every breath that passes through you
Relinquish its luminescence to cavern walls bedded deep inside your shadowed self
Let this be the day for there is no other
Save this day and this day and then again, this

2 thoughts

  1. Lovely words! I have been away from writing again and am inspired reading your writing. On this grey day, thank you.

    Emey James


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