words of the day: plateau & pause

This is for all of you who feel as though everything is on its way – but it’s not quite here yet. You’ve let go of the old and you’re ready to step into “the new,” but it hasn’t arrived. You want it, you want it, you want it! It’s so close you can taste it and feel it and practically reach out and touch it. But not quite! You’ve emptied and cleared and released, but for now, you’re in a kind of suspended animation while you wait for the refilling to get under way! There’s nothing to do but wait and be patient; trust and be grateful. The journey to wholeness is often two steps forward, one step back — not to mention those dizzying twirly-twirls that can set you spinning. Find a plateau and pause. Excerpts are from this version of my book (365 Words of Well-Being for Women), and also the hardcover Barnes&Noble reprint (Words of Wisdom for Women), featured in the right-hand sidebar.


Sometimes the ups and downs of life need to be balanced by the evens. Between your peaks and valleys, plateau. For a while, seek neither the highest heights nor the deepest depths. Let things be on an even keel. Plateau. Give yourself a respite from the drama and the turmoil. Take a break from the incessant push to find a new job, to upgrade your computer, to meet the perfect somebody, to gain ten pounds or to lose twenty, to move to a new city, to go back to school. When things level off, let them stay level. Recharge and refresh your batteries. Look to the horizon without rushing to touch it up close. There will be more highs; there will be more lows. But for now, take it easy: plateau.


Wait a moment. Take a breath. Pause. Before you react, before you speak. Pause. Before it all comes spilling out, take a breath. Pause. Before you say something you’re bound to regret later, pause. When someone says I love you, pause before saying I love you, too. After you’ve raced to your two o’clock appointment and raced to find a parking space and raced two blocks in the rain, before you open the door, pause. Breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Before the discussion escalates into an argument, pause. Before you raise your hand to strike a child, pause long and hard. Punctuate your day with pauses. Collect your thoughts. Pause. Feel the breeze on your face. Pause. Say a prayer. Pause. Take a breath. Pause.

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