words of the day: rekindle, wax, howl

The moon is full (yesterday, officially, so technically, it has already begun to wane) and the Summer Solstice is just around the bend. In honor, here are a holy trinity of words celebrating the light. Shine on!


When you believe something has gone out for good, rekindle it. Rekindle the hope you thought you had lost. Rekindle the love you were certain had died. Rekindle the magic. Fan the blackened embers of your own creativity and welcome back your inner fire. Rekindle your love of music: just start playing whatever instrument you can get your hands on. Rekindle your love of the outdoors: just put on hiking boots and go! Rake away the charred remains of your past and rekindle the wonder that (Yes!) lives on in your childlike heart. Find the tiniest spark, even though it seems impossible. Fuel the flame, even though it seems hopeless. Know that the human spirit is nearly inextinguishable — and like the Phoenix, you will rise free and proud from the ashes again.


Wax with the moon, growing toward fullness and abundance. Feel the pull to expand, to create, to move out of the darkness and make real your vision in the world. Come out of your quiet egg place. Show a bit more of your face. Dance or paint or sculpt your dream. Build and expand and grow your business. Get on the phone and propose your project. Now, while the energy is waxing, let your productivity soar. Reserve a performance space, talk to a publisher, knit a sweater, enclose the new addition, join a campaign. Be more full and available now, more outgoing and more social, more bright and vibrant and waxing all the while.


In the dark of the night, howl at the moon. Howl in sync with the coyotes who line the ridge at dawn. Live your life like a wolf, and howl long and low, high and shrill, plaintive and wailing and ancient. Howl with laughter, roaring. Howl your grief. Howl your loneliness. Howl when you need help now. Sound a warning call that echoes through the canyons. Howl when the others are singing, when the others are weeping. Shriek and scream and growl and cry out when there are no words that touch deeply enough or sound wildly enough. Howl a mournful, soulful, beautiful howl. You know how. Howl!

These three “words” are excerpted from my book,Words of Wisdom for Women (Fall River Press 2003)” which is on display in the right-hand sidebar and linked to Barnes & Noble.com. Content also available in its original, softcover format, titled “365 Words of Well-Being for Women” (McGraw-Hill, 1997), and found all over the Internet and via your favorite local bookseller (though you may need to special-order it).

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