what do obama, oracles, polygamy, NASA, and the secret life of words have in common?

They’re all part of this admittedly eclectic post celebrating the 5-month bloggiversary of be whole now and unashamedly testing a new frontier of search engine optimization.

Total Views To Date 5,600 (certified by the firm of Me, Myself & I): This number would have been much, much higher if it weren’t for skabillions of people choosing to do something other than visit my blog!

Top Posts To Date: Other than some of the Pages at right that answer the questions, Who is this woman and what’s her shtick?, here are a few of the most-read Posts so far.

Thanks, Gustav, for the blog traffic!
Thanks, Gustav, for the blog traffic!

Most Read Post – probably because (1) people google The Secret and end up here; (2) they’re looking for art by Gustav Klimt and they end up here; or (3) English teachers assign something and their students, oh well, you know: The secret life of words revealed: you can read it here.

2nd Most Read Post – probably because (1) it’s about Barack Obama; (2) it’s got Barack Obama’s name all over it; or (3) something else about Barack Obama. Can i talk about barack obama without you thinking it’s political?: right here for your reading enjoyment.

3rd Most Read Post – probably because (1) lots of people own automobiles; (2) humanity has sought out oracles through eternity; or 3) it’s way more cool than old-school advice columns like Dear Abby/Ann Landers, or whoever now writes that stuff. Ordinary oracles: the tao of automobiles: check it out here and yes, you can still send in your questions!

4th Most Read Post – probably because (1) fundamentalist polygamy is not a neutral subject; (2) despite what you may believe if you (still) rely on mainstream media, women and children (still) matter; and (3) damn it: It’s important! Eldorado, texas: i will not listen to intellectual arguments: here’s my highly opinionated take on the situation as it first unfolded in Spring 2008.

Here also, for your viewing pleasure, is a false-color image of the Rho Ophiuchi dark cloud, taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and titled “Young Stars In Their Baby Blanket of Dust.”

"Young Stars In Their Baby Blanket of Dust"
"Young Stars In Their Baby Blanket of Dust"

The nebula is about 407 light years from Earth. Click here to learn more about “Rho Oph” (astronomers’ nickname for the one of the closest star-forming regions to our own solar system).

Closer to home, if you haven’t strolled through my Blogroll for a while, (right-hand sidebar), go ahead and take a spin! Fascinating individuals passionate about a range of interests are joining the list all the time.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for adding your voice to be whole now. Your comments and questions are the icing on the bloggiversary cake!

journey deep. listen well. make peace. evolve.

2 thoughts

  1. I don’t care too much for icing, so I’ll be the chocolate ganache on the bloggiversary cake. Thank you for sharing so many tasty morsels over the past 5 months. Your blog is a treat every day. (Though that word b-l-o-g is still so unappetizing to me. It really is time to came up with something that better suits this smorgasbord of delights.)



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