word of the day: consolidate

Time to gather up loose ends and either whack them off with a meat cleaver,
chew them down to the roots,
or braid them into a strong and glorious whole.

Time to get absolutely clear about which beliefs, qualities,
relationships, and perspectives
you want to bring together and solidify.

How can you streamline the 12 different directions
you seem to be running in?
How can you accentuate the positive
and eliminate the negative?

Right now, strengthen your commitment
to live the life you were put here to live.

Right now, strip away the old, the unnecessary,
the devitalizing, the dramatic.

Minimize your unhealthy attachments and
reinforce the connections that are working for you.

Cull out your endless rationalizations and justifications
and consolidate your responses:
Say Yes, please. Say No, thank you.
Say No, that doesn’t feel appropriate.
Say Yes, that feels appropriate.

Weed your inner and outer gardens, your kitchen cupboards,
your email address book, that wayward pile of notes to yourself
that you’re never going to answer.

Strengthen the foundation under your spiritual life,
your true family, your sense of Home,
your most heartfelt desires.

Stop carting around half-empty vessels of pure potentiality,
partially-eaten plates of emotional nourishment,
pitiful leftovers of personal power,
and shallow snippets of authenticity,
and synthesize the pieces into
one coherent and efficient whole.

Right now, today,
consolidate one small, manageable
area of your life.

Find one singular, simple way to
be whole now.

2 thoughts

  1. despair,

    Apologies for the delay in posting your thoughtful comment. It was swallowed up by some days in which I was other-focused.

    Yes, keep writing your poetry.


  2. hi Rachel, I think you dropped by my blog a few months back — there are still only two poems up, although I am working on some more. In fact, I have lots more stuff already written, but it’s just not up yet. Work and, well, plain, old fashioned terror have kept me from my blog but I do intend to start writing more so maybe you can feed back on whatever I chuck up there and I’ll do the same for you.

    Like you, authenticity is a big deal for me, maybe the biggest (alongside instinct). Of course, maybe sadness should get a mention, too.

    In terms of what I try to do when I write, it’s all about redefining the way meaning is delivered. Content means nothing to me, it’s all about effect, creating something that disturbs, unsettles, it’s all about the surface — because there is nothing else. Words are really just a scab that people need to run their fingers over and feel. Not understand, just feel.

    I suppose my intention is two write Bacon, to write his three figures. To create a language that echoes something horrific.

    Does a word, a poem, have to point towards something? Can’t it simply point, away, into not even nothing, but its own withdrawal?

    I need a drink, see you online soon.

    Tell me which of your poems you’d like me to give you my views on and I will.

    And you can do the same for me.


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