what barack and michele obama can teach america about conscious loving

Although I make no claim to being a political pundit, this is my second post focusing on Sen. Barack Obama — from a non-policy, non-strategy, be whole now point of view. If you missed my earlier post, “can i talk about barack obama without you thinking it’s political?” click here to see my take on Sen. Obama as a reflection of the evolving new paradigm.

Michelle & Barack Obama
Michelle & Barack Obama

Here, I’m linking to a recent piece in The Huffington Post, in which authors and relationship experts Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks talk about the enormous value of the loving, stable relationship model that Michelle and Barack Obama present to the world.

“It’s high time we got to see an honest, loving, real relationship in the White House,” say the Hendricks, who know what they’re talking about. The couple (together for 28 years so far!) are the authors of numerous books, including Conscious Loving, Attracting Genuine Love, Five Wishes and The Corporate Mystic, and they teach seminars in conscious relationships and bodymind vibrance. Learn more about them at their website, www.hendricks.com, right here.

Their endorsement for Sen. Obama comes from their hearts to the heart of America. With the Obama family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we would collectively receive “…the gift of seeing two people having an easeful friendship with each other” and a role model of “… two people who communicate with each other as equals and stand beside each other as true partners.”

You don’t have to be a graduate of The Electoral College to appreciate that!

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