money magnet video has me on my feet & singing!

I will not tell a lie: I have been be-bopping around the house to the 5-minute video, I Am A Magnet to Money.

It’s fun. It’s got a disco beat. And it makes me happy. What’s more, after singing the tune for 3 days, I received a check from a very large federal agency that I had anticipated would take many weeks or months to process.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction or Manifestation or Co-Creating Your Reality, how you walk your path is up to you. Just sayin, though, this one’s bound to make you smile.

In case the video doesn’t show up, here’s the youtube link. The video was created by Shane Belceto at PersonalDevelopmentS; the opening credits also include California-based motivational musician Michele Blood, whose site can be found here.

If  this subject interests you and you want to taste a different flavor, check out my previous post linking you to the Bryan deFlores Money Tree of Life meditation.

4 thoughts

  1. Well, the kitty is on my lap as I am listening so I am just doing the head boppin’ without the hip hoppin’…

    May we all flourish by being exactly who we are!



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