answering the call (in five acts)

Answering The Call
(In Five Acts)


It’s not that God didn’t call me
I just wasn’t able to answer!
Time and circumstance gnawed through the wires
The receiver slipped from its cradle, all circuits busy,
And when I opened my mouth to speak
Nothing poured forth from recalcitrant lips,
Carried off in an instant by an elusive, provocative wind.


It’s not that I couldn’t engage my senses
I saw the garden rise up just beyond the cobbled wall!
Tasted the nectar of paradise tickle my tongue,
The wooden gate unhinged, waved me in with gentle sway;
I continued to fumble, fingers swaddled,
And when a moist and ravenous soil engulfed the key,
Disorientation overtook me
The doorway lay open in front of my face
Yet somehow, I failed to notice.


I heard my name echo,
Ricocheting from sky to earth, stone and sea,
I knew it was me being summoned!
But the veil blinded, rendered me irretrievably unresponsive
I struggled without pause to disentangle from my web of mortality
Thrashing about to prove my rabid invincibility
Demanding to be given that which is mine,
Until I collapsed, spent and dry.


Unable to walk to the mountain,
I waited for the mountain to come to me;
Hearing no reply to my angry protestations,
I surrendered my voice and entered the silence;
Stripped bare of unremitting arrogance,
humility found its way into my heart;
Finding comfort in the lap of unconditional Love,
Forgiveness washed over me, renewing, invoking;
Doing Nothing, I became The All.


It’s not that I hadn’t been filled with desire!
It’s not that I couldn’t engage my senses!
I heard my name echo: I wanted to answer!

“Thank you for holding;
I’ll take that call now.”

5 thoughts

  1. Michelle, Shasha,

    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, none of us can any longer hold back. More along these lines in my piece, “The World Needs You Now,” which is in the right-hand sidebar in the PAGES section under my photo. Thanks to both of you for being…


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