meet my new sister blog: just say yes now!

After a gestation period of way more than 9 months, my second blog, Just Say Yes Now!, has emerged. Bear with us as we get into the new rhythms that accompany a family with a newborn as well as a very active one-year-old.

The new blog is a bit more directed to women – though all are welcome.  I’m seeing it as more of a community effort — and want to integrate more of your ideas, your comments, your art, your writing, and your stories.

The more voices that are included, the more freely we can all inspire, be inspired, and, most important of all — Be The Inspiration That Changes Our World.

The painting is done; the brown paper has been pulled off the windows; and the door is unlocked.  Please stop by for a visit and tell all your friends in the blogosphere and beyond to Just Say Yes Now! Click anywhere in this paragraph: How easy is that?

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