online rent party: help keep rachel writing!

Mackenzie, my trusty classic Titanium Mac PowerBook G4 (c. 1999/2000), has finally given up the ghost — after months of band-aid fixes, excrutiatingly-long stretches of inoperation, rampant unpredictability, and a valiant battle on behalf of all who loved her.

My local, friendly Mac guys (Insert Plug Here for Boulder MacRepair) are ready to transplant her relatively new hard drive into another, younger powerbook G4 — so I can keep on writing, keep on blogging, and keep on keepin’ on.

So far, I’m about one-third of the way to the required $600, so am now throwing the technological equivalent of a Rent Party…

…and you’re invited!

If you have ever received inspiration, encouragement, comfort, upliftment, entertainment or enjoyment from my work, please consider tossing something into the jar so I can keep on doing what I do best.

The handy PayPal Donation button is in the right-hand sidebar, and I am joyously poised to receive contributions of any amount with gratitude and appreciation. Thanks for your support – and for sharing in the hope and promise of a world in which each of us reclaims prosperity as our birthright.

Remember: What comes around, goes around…

2 thoughts

    1. Thanks, Bryan! Paying it forward is the best, isn’t it? Life without a computer isn’t all that bad — though it does throw a wrench into the upkeep of two blogs. I find it challenging to let the creativity flow unimpeded while the library/Kinko’s meter is running and people nearby are engaged in their cell phone conversations. I am very grateful for your support and trust that it’s only a matter of time until I am reunited full-steam with the blogosphere.


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