enjoy billy joel while i’m warming up in the greenroom: and so it goes (video)

Saints be praised! I can feel the stirrings of a new cycle of blogging, poetry, and other shared pursuits. While I’m shaking off the residual cobwebs, enjoy this poignant classic by Billy Joel.  These poetic words and his sensitive performance seem to characterize where many of us are these days: Letting go of the old (whether by choice or circumstance) and opening our tender hearts to new ways of being, feeling, and engaging with others.  Enjoy! Both tears and smiles are appropriate responses.

PS: There’s no footage of Joel singing; only a black background with the lovely, touching lyrics.

3 thoughts

  1. I absolutely agree sad is not bad…emotions are all neutral…and glorious unto themselves…

    gotta listen to the words again as you suggest…will do later…just woke up now!!

    have a good day.


  2. I spoke at a church not too long ago on the subject, “Empty is the new Full.” Perhaps the same is true that “Sad is the new Happy.” The ability to feel a full range of emotion – without ascribing judgment to any particular state – is a gift unto itself. At least we can feel, eh? I like to look at these lyrics from different angles: Who is the “I” and who is the “You” and “Where lies the surrender?”


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