can you remain awestruck during tough times?

These words are from a book on Faith currently under development by a publisher who shall remain nameless. The NASA image of the sun is not a Summer Solstice photo-but it sure gets me in the mood!

 Ultraviolet-wavelength picture of the sun, Oct. 23, 2003, NASA
Ultraviolet-wavelength picture of the sun, 10/23/03, NASA

Be Awestruck

Although it isn’t always easy,
the toughest times require you
to believe in the greatest, grandest possibilities.

Can you allow yourself to be brought to your knees by miracles
and finely orchestrated “coincidences” that defy rational thought?

Can you soften your gaze and recognize the truly extraordinary
when it happens right in front of you?

If you think small,
if you believe that your own mind contains
every potential outcome,
you miss an infinite universe of possible scenarios.

Are you willing to see the unseen at work,
to marvel at how your simplest steps can lead
to unimaginable conclusions?

Can you sufficiently chip away your armor
and swoon before the unmistakable awe that exists
just inches outside your usual concerns?

Untold beauty and inexplicable synchronicities
are at work in every moment.

Toss aside your rigid pictures
of how things are supposed to occur
and acknowledge the grandeur of how they actually do.

Only then do you reclaim the true meaning
of the word “awesome”
and the vastness and beauty of all it contains.

One thought

  1. You rock, dear!! You are returning in the form you do best – nothing less than a primal force. All of your entries since popping back onto the radar have been you-worthy. And they gift all of us, your humble audience. (I sent the one about a man to mine, and I reread all of these for the nutritional value therein!! )Thank you!!


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