word of the day: sky

Storm Duck, Essex U.K, (c) Bev Hadland
Storm Duck, Essex U.K, (c) Bev Hadland, http://www.cloudappreciationsociety.org

Make time to stare at the sky.

Take in its vastness.
Try to imagine how it feels to live without limitation.

Did you ever notice how the sky blankets us,
embraces us from above,
yet never smothers us?

Spend time with the sky in all kinds of weather,
at all times of day and night.

Watch it move from dark to light,
from blue to purple to red, orange, and gold.

Find a horse in a billowing cloud;
see a wagon with wheels flying high.

Shriek and scream at lightning that fills the sky
on a warm summer evening,
at thunder that rumbles right down to your toes.

Stargaze and find your place
in an unending universe.

The sky helps you remember how big life can be.
How small are the details.

And how starry-eyed we sometimes must be,
to think ourselves the center of it all.

The Milky Way Over Ontario, Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn
The Milky Way Galaxy Over Ontario, 07/29/08, digital composite by Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

4 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Rohaa, for your kind words. Yes, please feel welcome to link up and spread my words. I visited your site — anyone who starts off their Links section with me and Karen Bishop is a friend of mine!


  2. Dear Rachel, I find myself absolutely awed at your words and at the depth of feeling behind them. There needs to be more of this in the world, and more people should see it. With your permission (and with credit, of course) could I use some of your poems on my site (www.elfpath.com) and link to your blog and/or your books?


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