i ought to be in pictures (oh, wait, here i am!)

I’ve been hinting at my newfound love affair with a small, rural town in southeastern Colorado, and now here’s another piece of the puzzle. I have been given stewardship over an historic schoolhouse/church — along with the charge to convert the building into a community gathering spot/cafe/museum/visitor center/mercantile/you-name-it.

The benefactors who purchased the building and I have been working on our vision since we met last November, and on June 26-27 of this year, we held our first Open House and Flea Market fundraiser. Two guys from Texas rolled in on their motorcycles and then started their tiny camera rolling, too. Took me a while to “get” that the camera and mic were clipped onto the side of the guy’s helmet  and he was taping me — and even longer to discover that he actually had uploaded the video to YouTube.

So here I am, raw and uncut, giving a tour of our building (and talking about plumbing a lot, it seems). There’s a lot more to this story, and I’ll be sharing it in dribs and drabs. Suffice it to say that I am responding fully to the Call of Creation, and in return, am finding what I’ve been seeking a long time.

The unfolding of this experience feels to me like the film Field of Dreams, or the 1960s Sidney Poitier film, Lilies of The Field. There’s a little bit of Chocolat and Fried Green Tomatoes thrown in there, too. We never know where we might find Home, but that doesn’t mean we should ever stop looking.

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Mandy and Poeticgrin,

    Part of the grand vision is (of course!) to host some kind of literary something or other – be it workshop, poetry festival, who knows? We’ve already got comfy chairs, WiFi and work tables, along with checkers, puzzles, music, and snacks. Let us know when you’re coming, and I’ll open the door!


  2. Keep us posted on the status. The idea is grand! I want some Branson brownies! Maybe one day I’ll write a poem from the cafe!


  3. Hi Rachel – what fun to get captured and interviewed on video. Now all you need is for Brad to come back and visit every few weeks and update us on your progress. I know you’re going to do a fabulous job.


  4. Dawn,

    I’ll set up the barrel if you start bringing the buttons! Thanks for helping to focus the “Field of Dreams” energy. I’m awash in it!

    XOX back at ya. Come and visit sometime…


  5. Rachel….what a kick! You have been “prairified” and it agrees with you! Can’t wait to get down there and see that beautiful little place.


    1. Laurie,

      Coming from you, I would say that “prairification” is a mighty fine compliment. The welcome mat is out when you’re ready to retreat from the hubbub for a while. Maybe you can advise on plans to create a little guest house/B&B??


  6. OH, It is so great to see you again! (My hair is longer than yours.)

    Who cares about indoor plumbing…but it definitely needs a barrel of buttons. Yeah, no one but you knows what I am talking about!

    Great job! Well done! A couple weeks ago I was watching the movie “Field of Dreams” continually. You are manifesting magically as you always do!



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