transformative poetry for the willing

your regrets and disappointments,
let them go
missteps and infelicities,
cast them aside
indiscretions of the past mean nothing now
and if you insist on lugging them along
in some ersatz act of Sisyphusian heroics
your feet will fail you

and you may never arrive

leaking baggage is no longer de rigueur
as proof of your wounded eccentricities,
the weight of these badges has inspissated your soul!
elevate yourself
let each sodden sack tumble over the transom

these millstones are no longer yours to carry

place your struggle on the ground before you
and walk away
bundle your ancient shame in a canvas bag
loosen it from your shoulder
and drop it on the doorstep of Creation

it is none of your business who picks it up

do not look back,
retrain your gaze
the old holds nothing for you now!
you need not watch in morbid fascination
as it sputters and spins itself out of existence

your eyes were given to see so much more

divest yourself of the accumulated wreckage of life
and its propensity to drag  you to the dungeon,
the light of all that is good and true
sweeps the endless horizon in illuminative glory,
searching out the intrepid spirit
that lies beneath your ragged heart

prepare to receive the outpourings of love

2 thoughts

  1. Janet,

    You are so very welcome. Funny how the creative juices ebb and flow — and oftentimes come flying over the rapids and toward the falls. Or, perhaps I should say “over the mesas and toward the endless stretch of the plains.”


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