the invitation

the invitation has been issued,
your name etched in leaves of gold,
penned with the sacred ink of antiquity
broadcast through the heavens
dispatched to the nether regions of your heart
Look the other way and you will miss the moment!

your presence is now most fervently requested
your place at the table laid with limoges and linen
you will be greeted warmly, embraced without limitation,
anointed with oil of sharon, sprinkled with hyssop
while many, held back by reins of fate or fear, decline —
May we count you in attendance?

respond exactly as you are, as it pleases you
arrive adorned, bejeweled,
stripped bare to bone
come bearing gifts or approach empty, arms open,
present yourself cloaked in completion
or draped and dripping with the sheer desire of becoming–
All excess baggage will be checked at the door.

the invitation has been issued in your one true name
the offer non-transferable,
send no other in your stead
claim no false persona as your own
proffer no papers save those illuminated from within
You are now asked to demonstrate sufficiently Who You Are.

do you not see?
the gesture has been offered from the highest,
everything you have ever wanted now rests before you in disentangled aggregation,
awaits your gentle nod, your audible yes
your outbreath of unleashed surrender —
While you stare blankly at the rainbow, angels wipe your canvas clean.

how is it that you so willingly grovel at the feet of survival
yet keep love’s glory waiting at the door?
you fret and fumble, hem, haw in hesitation —
when will you fling open every gate in joyful anticipation
of what awaits on the other side?
Radiance will not drip onto your tongue from a dropper!

while you rue lack and misappropriation, a weighted wagon groans in the causeway,
do naught but draw a bead on the empty goblet before you
and the call of the endless sea persists, unheeded,
continue to rest your gaze on ephemeral horizons
and you risk skipping the beat of your own evolution —
To knowingly remain in shadow is an inferior proposition at best.

the invitation has been issued, the table has been laid
respond exactly as you are,
as it pleases you
the choice is yours, by free will and freedom:

Arouse from your slumber and seize fresh the day.

8 thoughts

  1. I don’t know what came over me. As I read the first paragraph, even before I understood the message and finished reading it, I started crying.

    As I attempt, for the nth time, to get off at the next bus stop, I hope to receive my new/blank canvas, ready for me to paint on.

    Thank you for this. I do need this as a reminder to once and for all get off this “bus to nowhere”.

    (A beautiful poem from BuddhiHermit too.)


    1. @Earthianne,

      Ah, yes! It thrills me when someone connects with “my” words via the heart, without engaging the intellect. These “activator” words, phrases, poems, songs, can work akin to aromatherapy — bypassing the thinking brain and being absorbed directly into the heartstream. It’s also possible to “get it” just by looking at the letters, whether or not you speak English. It would seem that you and I are tuned into the same frequency.

      BuddhiHermit’s work is divinely beautiful. Find more at Tell him I sent you. (-;


      1. So that explains my reaction. As I try to re-read ‘the invitation’ again just then, tears started flowing again. I can’t even look at the words without crying. I think it’s too powerful for me. I’ll have to try some other time and see if I still get the same feeling.


  2. A long time coming – but I wonder, should it be a comment to the later ‘stars’ entry. Synchronicity strikes again; sort of.


    To Whom It May Concern

    Sparkling shimmering spinning true,
    Twinkling shrinking winking at you,
    Flaring dancing, holding my sight,
    A sparkle twinkle, deep in the night.

    Glittering flashes ripple the bay,
    The flaming ruby’s lighting the day.
    Crystals of ice, white in the light
    All flashing messages into our sight.

    Did they sparkle your dendrons firing?
    Or merely herald your life expiring?

    Oh blind with your cane you suffer alone,
    Thinking there’s much, for which to atone.

    But listen carefully, listen to me,
    I’m revealing a purpose, setting you free.

    Digest your world, consume it whole,
    Give it away as food for the Soul,

    For in a hand that’s Shiva blue,
    Lies an invitation just for you.


    1. Glad to receive more of your words, buddhihermit. The fact that you sent me this within 10 minutes after I posted the Supernova Blast Bonanza image sure feels like synchronicity to me. Definitely some stars in alignment somewhere…


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