your personal power bill of rights

Please take a moment to link to the interview with H. Wantue Major.
This gifted and highly inspirational man truly embodies
personal power, courage, and the role of the arts in the face
of conflict and human oppression.

“Searching for Direction” by Liberian artist H. Wantue Major

In the “be whole now” realm, personal power has nothing whatsoever to do with being more powerful than anyone else, exercising control over others, or holding great influence by dint of status, wealth, education, prestige, or economics.

Your personal power is the attainment and appropriate expression of oneness with the unique and divinely placed spark within you. Though you may feel awkward or hesitant at first, harnessing your personal power is ultimately uplifting, liberating, and balancing. It allows your true essence to shine through and enables you to live from the wholeness that is your soul’s birthright.

Truth is, “you’ve got the power!” Use it wisely; use it well; use it to foster the highest and best outcome for the universal heart.

Your Personal Power Bill of Rights

You have the power to access the intelligence housed in your body, your mind and your spirit, and to make choices in every moment – and you have the ability to clear and release blockages standing in your way.

You have the power to withdraw with integrity from situations, relationships, and circumstances that are not in alignment with your highest good.

You have the power to give and receive unconditional love deeply and with conviction. The specific form that love takes is wholly within your power.

You have the power to engage in the spiritual path that fosters an opening of your heart and a strengthening of your spirit – and you have the power to shift that engagement any time you desire.

You have the power to develop and rely on your intuition – regardless of whether your actions please others who refuse to develop and rely on theirs.

You have the power to place your awareness precisely where you want it to be – and you have the power to move through the consequences and outcomes that follow.

You have the power to discern – to distinguish actions based on fear and ego from those based on love.

You have the power to embrace the elements of life that bring you joy, that enliven you and fill you with a wonderment toward everything around you.

You have the power to heal yourself – and to call in whatever support, from whatever realm, moves you forward on your healing path.

You have the power to decline – to say “No, thank you” without long, involved, analytical explanations, excuses or rationalizations.

You have the power to honor the past as well as the present – and to recognize that struggle and pain are but shades along a spectrum that also includes happiness, safety, pleasure, and delight.

You have the power to be grateful for every iota of experience that life has ever or will ever hand you – and you have the power to take personal responsibility at every level.

You have the power to forgive yourself and others. Period.

You have within you the power to stand on the side of that which is right – and to speak out against all that which is wrong. What’s more, you have within you the power to know the difference.

You have the power to change your life, your whole life, and nothing but your life. Changing, improving, healing, or re-engineering someone else’s life is not within the purview of your personal power. Let it go.

You have the power to create, re-create, and co-create — and to bring forth manifestations from your thoughts, your words, and your very actions.

You have the power to remember that you are a limitless expression of an infinite universe. Never lose sight of the gift that is you.

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