a time to inspire (video)

I continue to support my daughter as she moves through changes — even as I attend to my own evolution. Many new ideas are percolating yet not quite ready for expression. Enjoy this video (7:40) from crimsoncircle.com, whether it stirs you into silence, stirs you into deeper levels of self, or stirs you into action.

If this resonates with you, please also visit (or perhaps, revisit) The World Needs You Now.

3 thoughts

  1. divine….. mother is the first and foremost guide and spiritual teacher….bless you as mother and daughter as a enlightened master is mother and child at the same time…..


    1. thank you for those beautiful (divine) thoughts, ramOsinghal. I have been spending lovely, healing time with my daughter, and am just about ready to turn my attention back to this blog and other pursuits. Huge insights and shifts were available to me as well as my girl and I feel I am a very different being than I was two weeks ago.


  2. divine….to have flow you need two levels so is river of life wisdom is to flow with time. video is thought provoking not the soul….it is perspiration to inspiration media excellent presentation which is not needed in present times .

    we are in a age of collective science and spiritual enlightenment and there are lot more positive things happening and a new outlook is evolving that is god loving not the god fearing.

    may god bless you and your lovely daughter…….


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