hallelujah, it’s just a lovely ride! two music videos to lift your spirit and fill your soul

For your viewing and listening pleasure, I’m bringing back two videos that you probably wouldn’t find unless you dug deep into the Be Whole Now archives.

Right here, K.D. Lang joins Heaven and Earth with this aching, haunting, off-the-charts version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Lang isn’t the leggy cowgirl she once was, but her barefoot performance is part spiritual warrior, part Zen monk, and all power.

And, singing what should surely be the anthem for higher consciousness/awakening, here is India Arie crooning James Taylor’s “The Secret O’ Life” in true elegantly casual diva fashion. The wisdom of the ages lives in every verse and she doesn’t miss a beat!

You deserve to give yourself a beautiful break today. Listen and enjoy!

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