what i need now: kadoish kadoish kadoish, ancient hebrew chant for protection (video)


According to sound healer/teacher Deborah Van Dkye, who is heard here on her CD, Traveling the Sacred Sound Current, this ancient chant of exaltation “embodies the highest of frequencies which extend the grace and holy protection to the chanter…(and) sets up a resonance with Divine Love energies in whose presence lesser forces cannot remain.” summerrain7373 added the image and posted the video on youtube.

4 thoughts

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Monika. My understanding is that the chant has Biblical origins, though also reaches across boundaries as a sacred sound healing. You might do a search on the subject. I located a number of sites talking about it, although all of them may not align with your own spiritual leanings. Your own experience with the chant is what counts most. I hadn’t listened to this in quite a while: Your Comment led me back to its beauty, peace, and expansiveness.


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