a deep pocketful of change: be open, be your own champion

A perfect storm of technological, emotional, relationship, and transformative issues has kept me from my blog, but that, too, has passed. Last year I brought through a collection of meditations to ease the way through periods of change. Even though the project did not fare well in the publisher’s test market process (Go figure!), I still believe there may be one or two people on Earth who might appreciate this bit of inspiration.

monarch butterflies
Monarcas photograph found on "Classical Bookworm," a tasty and intelligent blog linked to the photo. (You'll find an eloquent poem about butterflies by Mexican poet Homero Aridjis there, too.)

Be Open to Change

When change approaches, is your instinct to run and hide under the bed?
Does change feel threatening, frightful, and downright hostile?

Imagine shifting your beliefs about change.

What if you thought of change as neither bad nor good? What if you embraced the idea that change is merely a fact of life, resting somewhere betwen the opposite poles of blessing and curse?

Change insists you adjust to new circumstances — but perhaps the adjustment was long overdue. Change presses you to consider alternatives you never considered before — but maybe you needed that nudge to expand your horizons and move beyond limited perceptions of your own capabilities. Depending on whether you resist or welcome these natural cycles of evolution, change can blast you out of tired and worn routines or gently prod you into promising new possibilities.

Could you at least meet change halfway?

When you open yourself to all that change offers, you recognize that change can be a persuasive yet generous partner in your quest for an awakened life.

Be A Champion for Your Own Life

Although you may gather a wide circle of support to assist you through turbulent transitions, ultimately you are the star of your own show.

The unfailing commitment to redesign your life must originate within you.

Only you can muster the inner fortitude required for the spiritual heavy lifting you will face. When you bump up against walls and need someone to speak on your behalf, the strongest, most capable advocate you will ever know…is you.

This does not suggest that you are destined to slog through change alone and untended. There are friends, family members, practitioners, and trusted guides who can support you in many, many ways as you traverse the landscape of change. They may hold your hand, steady your arm, help you get a grip on your nervousness, and point you in the right direction.

But there can be only one who will breathe, eat, drink, sleep, dream, and walk your path of personal transformation…

…and that individual is you.

4 thoughts

  1. @ram0ram,
    Yes, I do remember my Comment about capital letters! LOL. I admit I have been wrapped up in my own process, and have not been to visit many (any?) of my blogfriends. I intend to change that very soon. Yes, Love All.

    Yes, indeed, sweet sister! Love seeing your smiling face. Always.

    I love your story and your honesty. When, indeed, when our entire concept of Time is being shaken to the core? All in proper time – whatever that means. Love across the miles.


  2. I appreciate this Rachel, very much.

    Taking that leap of faith is long overdue (even knowing only good things await me). I once asked God to push me (out of the situation I was in). God did. I stayed. (Lol) I realize no one else can jump for me. I have to do it myself. When? God knows. :-)


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