this is how you know you are there: the circular conundrum of higher consciousness


Painting "Moving Water" by Gustav Klimt
Moving Water, Gustav Klimt, 1898, courtesy of

this is how you know you are there

first you recognize that there is no there
only here
which is there and everywhere,
and when the thinking begins to melt your brain
into a soft warm, fudgy goo
Hallelujah, you’ve arrived!

wherein you recognize that there is no arrival
no destination
only experience presenting itself as a series of infinite nows
and when you see the emerging picture and grasp the understanding,
seek to lavish yourself in your brilliant explanation
Glorioski, you’ve got it!

whereupon you remember that grasping does not leave you open to the miracle,
that seeking collides with the being of allowing
shores up your mind’s feeble attempts to hold on tightly
to the elusive, transitory impermanence
of everything,
and when you let go of your attachment
to your most precious, albeit illusory, creation,
&%?#! you’ve lost it!

until, of course, you glean that you never really had it anyway
that thoughtforms and beliefs waft in and out in untold directions
and while some do their very best to lodge into your deepest crevices
and infill your interior with concrete,
most simply visit, touch down for a time and then you let them go
Oh, joy! you’ve created your own reality!

at which time you declare it all good and chockfull of meaning,
until that annoying voice asks
“Who do you think you are, anyway?”
yet instead of lumbering to craft the perfect response,
the “I’ll show them!” response,
you invite the annoying voice into silence,
thank it for its service and send it on with love
choose and create again
choose and create again
choose and create again
free of attachment to agenda or result
willing and able to slip into an endless field of what may come
absent the grasping or the seeking or the declaring or the planning
unencumbered by the thinking or analyzing or pigeonholing or judging
At last! you know you are there.


4 thoughts

  1. Akasa, Janet, Buddhi,

    Receiving comments from you is truly the holy triad of blogging! Knowing that I hit a sweet spot with each of you brings me great joy and a deep sense of contentment. In the immortal words of every wise being I know:”Thanks for getting it!”


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