today, arise and wage a revolution of your spirit

Spread your arms wide and maintain your position, dear one,
For though your spirit wearies,
The skirmish continues.
Amassed on the hillside your compatriots of the heart
Surround and embrace you,
Advancing in a fusillade of radiant awareness
A more courageous company of courtly warriors the world ne’er has seen!

You stand, embraced in a mantle of becoming,
Armor peeled, fallen useless upon tremulous ground,
Your family of light stands naked to the call of tender volition
Rising to an imperative that only the Archangels in their glory
could contrive in your name!

The weaponry of old suits no purpose for you now
Lay down your bludgeons of judgment,
Bullying your way through the collective herd rewards you naught
And the time upon you is Now.
Your heartspace emblazoned with a shaft of brilliant light
You are known unmistakably by the crown that issues forth above you,
No shingle portends your arrival with such power and aplomb
You exist far beyond the casual sobriquet or weighty appelative
Your every breath carries the signature of your soul upon the wind!

For brave advocates of all that is good and true,
This is no time to tarry
The wheel turns and the future rests upon this one sacred and inviolable moment
The sleeping rouse; a multitude of inner suns kindle in unerring crescendo,
Release your shackles and know that they cannot prevail in this rarefied air
Arise to your destiny and claim your one true nature!
She meets you at the doorway of your untrammeled existence
Red rose in hand
Eyes luminescent
Three drops of musk to anoint your wrinkled brow.

2 thoughts

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful… takes me into the depths of my beingness. Thank you Rachel..a truely luminous light that helps guide me forward. Many blessings to you x


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