be available for grace

Be Available For Grace

Not every moment of your life is a direct result of cause and effect. Sometimes you experience something that seems inexplicable — as if you were chosen to receive a gift you did not order. After a lifetime of never winning, never being showered with good fortune, never feeling the gold ring touch your hand, grace enters your life and serves up a taste of the rare and wonderful. It can be as small as finding a crisp dollar bill on the grass or as fleeting and precious as being the first to greet a newborn or step across freshly fallen snow. You may think it’s your lucky day, though something deeper is at work. If you release your old beliefs that nothing good ever comes your way, grace will find you and reward you in ways large and small. She’s always close by, looking for chinks in your armor and waiting to see if you will soften your stance enough to believe you are worthy. Grace knows without question that you are, and if you let her, she’s prepared to prove it.

Are you available for grace? I am! I will gift a copy of “Be Filled with Faith” (Blue Mountain Arts, $13.95US, 92pgs,) to the first seven people who respond via the Comment stream.  In exchange, I ask for $5 to help cover shipping and handling (US/Canada; $7 for overseas) — and I also ask that you help me spread the word on this delicious book through your blog, your FB, your website, or your review on In addition to this excerpt, you will find inspiration to Be Open, Be Willing, Be Unafraid of Your Fears, Be Awestruck, Be Trusting, and more. BTW, the book is universally spiritual and non-religious. Just let me know that you are ready to “Be Available for Grace,” and then we can work out the details via email. I’m set up for PayPal as well as snail mail.

8 thoughts

  1. Barbara and Leslie,

    Your willingness to be available for Grace has been duly noted by the entire Company of Heaven. Thank You!

    I have already been in touch with Barbara, and will contact you shortly, Leslie, via email.

    Readers, please note: Even though you see only six Comments, all seven copies of “Be Filled with Faith” have now been spoken for. One openhearted respondent asked that her gift be passed on to someone else – and she ended up being gifted, as well, for her kindness.

    More surprises to come, so keep visiting…


  2. Being available for Grace each day, each moment. What a way to live! Happening on this opportunity was grace filled. Gracias!


  3. Thanks, Akasa, enigmaress, jo, and elsie for being available for grace.

    I have emailed each of you, and two gifts are ready to go into the mail this week, depending on weather. If you haven’t yet given me your address (or did not receive my email due to a spam filter or other issue), you can also email me via the “Contact Me Now” link in the right-hand sidebar below my photo. It’s the 5th item under the heading “My Most Popular Poetry, Etc.

    Those messages go directly to email, or feel free to Comment again. All Comments are moderated by me before they appear here.

    There are 3 remaining gift copies. Oh well, perhaps everyone is more interested in the Super Bowl than in “Being Filled with Faith.”
    * winks, shrugs, smiles *


  4. Oh I am more than ready for Grace to appear, always Rachel…
    I love to fling my windows wide open for it,
    I think Grace tapped me on the heart the day I came to this beautiful blog and met you.
    Grace, be present and eternal with us now…

    Much Love and Blessings of Peaceful Grace to you Rachel.
    You are Grace by your sharing…


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