and may every prayer cry out for a world of peace

may the good and just be exalted,
and take their places
at the table of peace

may the oppressed find liberation,
and walk into a radiant tomorrow
along a pathway of peace

may the hungry be offered sustenance
the disregarded be given voice
the suffering receive comfort,
and their tattered hearts swim gently
in an ocean of peace

may true leaders step forward with courage,
and be respected for their patience and wisdom
on a collective journey of cascading peace

may every child be raised up in love,
and caressed gently
in an embrace of unconditional peace

may every mother be blessed
may every father be blessed
may every elder be blessed
by a relentlessly compassionate family of peace

may our animal relations be honored,
and be sanctified for their gifts
within a never-ending circle of peace

may every drop of rain be made holy,
and fall softly onto the parched landscape
of a planet yearning for peace

may each moment be seen for its potential,
and welcomed with joy
by the promise of peace

may every pleasure be blessed
may every pain be blessed
may every smile and tear be blessed
by a relentlessly compassionate family of peace

may your fears cross the threshold,
and be released with reverence
to a fast-flowing river of peace

may the woman who lives within you
join in sacred marriage with the man who lives within you,
and find eternal union at the divine altar of peace

may your every breath be filled with hope,
and carry you buoyantly
into a temple of everlasting peace

may every seed you plant be rich with life
and bear fruit in its time,
nurtured by the fertile soil of peace

may your every step bear witness
to your unceasing intention,
to create a legacy of peace

may your walk spread for miles in all directions,
anointed by goodness
and lushly sprinkled with the delicate petals of a fragile peace

may every word be blessed
may every song be blessed
and may every prayer cry out
for a world of peace

2 thoughts

  1. Dearest Rachel…Beloved Sister,

    I align myself with this Celestial and Earthly Vision, with every fiber in my ‘be-ing.’

    From Your Lips to Great Spirit’s ears, and the Hearts of all who reside on Mother Earth and Beyond.


    In Cascading Love…


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