“…when fear will lose its grip and heaven has its way” (mary black sings “no frontiers” (video, 4:01)

Several days ago, I drove 100 miles to pick up yard-sale leftovers that were being
donated to my tiny rural town’s library. In amongst the books and CDs
was a home-burned version of Mary Black tunes, reminding me how much
her music meant to me during a challenging period in the early 1990s.

For copyright reasons, I’m not able to post the video;
enjoy this beautiful rendition of “No Frontiers” on youtube here.

Lyrics and more on Mary Black here.

Enjoy ~ and know that we see heaven in your eyes.


3 thoughts

  1. @Leslie,
    That drummer reminds me of every man I knew in the 80s/90s. Yeah.

    Wish I could take credit for that grand line. In the song, it says “I see heaven in your eyes,” but somehow it felt right to evoke the larger, cosmic, all-being “We.” I adore this song and this soulful Irish artist!


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