warrior love vow, et cetera

This seems a curious post after being away for a while, but it would not be denied. No, I have not met the outer masculine being to whom these words may be directed, and as usual, it may be me communicating with other beloved parts of myself. (Or perhaps this poetic drumbeat will call him in, eh?) As well, wildland fire season is a-roar here in the American Southwest, raindrops are few and far between, and I admit having watched a Joan of Arc film not long ago.

Meanwhile, my road to home ownership has taken a few intriguing twists — not unexpected during this triple-eclipse period. Not to worry.

NEWS FLASH! My book, Words of Wisdom for Women, is going for a rock-bottom price of $2.99 over at barnesandnoble.com. Hardcover, with jacket, new! Once upon a time, I would have been crestfallen to be so clearly relegated to the bargain bin, but now is the time to clear out my older work to make way for something new. This is the same content as the original 365 Words of Well-Being for Women, albeit with a different title and package.

Accompanying this poem is a painting that deeply waters my soul. To read more, hover a bit before linking; then pop over and visit New Mexico artist/poet Jeanne Treadway.

Taking Care of Myself, by Jeanne Treadway

i would die for you ten thousand times
etch walls of stone with endless lines
of history, of then, of now,
within this heart, this fevered brow
lives passion more than could ‘ere be told
its fire breathes, its flame unfolds
and with its kindling wrought to cinder
wind-carried ash refuse to linger

in dusted ground lives life unrained
intrepid souls retreat, then gain
in essence fair, unloosed to fly
unwrapped, the eagles take the sky

here water, earth, the fire soothes
in celestial tango, pitches, moves
for you, dear heart, eternal, new
i’d barter all for the likes of you

3 thoughts

  1. Hi there, BuddhiHermit, from across the sea. (:

    Greetings, Tekia, from across the land. (:

    Hope you both are faring well and staying true to the urgings of your heart and spirit.


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