boatlift: infinite inspiration from 9/11/2001 (video)

This 12-minute documentary was produced and directed
by filmmaker Eddie Rosenstein
and narrated by Tom Hanks.
Ordinary people whose extraordinary actions
led to the largest boatlift
in history:
over half a million people evacuated from Lower Manhattan in just nine hours.

4 thoughts

  1. Well, hey! back at you, outdoors2. Nice to see you raise your head up out of the cave. I understand fully how those lapses and the return to groundedness can go. Maybe you’ll get back to some writing? Either way, so good to “see” you again. Come back and visit as you are inspired.

    You are very welcome, Meghan. Like you, I hadn’t heard this story and found it amazingly inspiring. I’m glad you found your way here to view it.

    Greetings, Roger. This video moved me to tears over and over. Such a beautiful portrait of the best we humans can be!


  2. First off… Hey Rachel!
    This is such a remarkable video, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it prior. As most of us know, We the People, are more than willing to help when the need arises, This is a prime example.

    I’ve been a mad man for about a year or three, hence the disappearance. ha. Regrouping now though and getting somewhat grounded again. Just happened to find time to surf the web in more detail today and came across your link. Hope all is well with you on this honorable day.


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