this is no time for timid hearts (redux)

New season, new moon, (Jewish) new year, whew!
I’m observing some people get smeared all over the carpet —
and others gently moving toward greater clarity and understanding
of their next steps, new steps, you-can-do-it-too-steps.
Even though this poem first appeared in August 2010,
it’s bright and shiny and new for today.  And you?

"Hesiod Listening to the Inspiration of the Muse," Edmond Aman-Jean

This is no time for timid hearts
For holding back your most precious gifts in the face of fear of retribution
For wedging yourself into a doorway while you wonder if you are worthy of entrance
For sitting interminably on a fence whose only purpose is to separate you
from your very self
This is no time

This is no time to utter whatever from a place of rarefied observation
To be carried along buoyed by neither aim nor intention
To let life live you blithely while you relinquish your birthright of free will
To sanction guilt and obligation as they hold sway over your most fervent desires,
This is no time

This is no time for equivocation, for hedging and backsliding
For whimpering and decrying all that you have created
For playing victim to predators of any stripe, be they real or illusory
For abdicating personal responsibility in the face of a preponderance of evidence,
If ever there was a time, it is not now

For forthright declaration of your deepest truths
This is the time
For standing your ground for causes that bear the mantle of justice
This is the time
For fostering unadulterated freedom that rings out
above the screech of politics and posturing,
For inaugurating new byways of sustainable evolution by lifting one hand after another
For redeeming without hesitation the wonderful that you believed was gone forever
This, right now, is the time

This is not the time to take the bait of predatory fearmongers
To withhold the emanations of your fracturing heart
To stockpile the succulent flowerings of your soul
To hurl at others the boomerang of judgment or culpability
(lest it return to its rightful owner)
This is not the time

If you have ever yearned to unleash your passions
Ached to be exponentially more than you have dared to be
Hungered for a greater humanity within and without
Longed for connection that defies the so-called bounds of time and space
And have known for eternity that you were born to be Love,

Right here
Right now
It is time.

3 thoughts

  1. summerhill still life,
    Thank you for your kind words. Can any of us ever hear enough that someone “sees” us and “gets” what we are doing? I know I cherish each and every bit of sugar sent my way. (:

    I love your phrase, “confining cocoon.” I always think of a cocoon as the precursor to metamorphosis and growth — but yes, like the egg just before the hatching, before we bust out,the cocoon can feel crowded and tight as it holds us in and holds us back. Thanks for giving me that nugget to chew on for a bit!


  2. Wow. I will pass this one on because it is time:) I love that your words are not only a gentle prod towards a better way of moving about the world, but a reminder to honour creativity in all its forms. Your form of expression is authentic. Thank you.


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