stretch break: “funny how time slips away” by willie nelson (video, 3:38)

I’m sure loving Willie Nelson right now —
even though I haven’t been a huge fan in the past.
It was hard to choose between his 1992 live appearance with the Highwaymen
in Aberdeen, Scotland, singing “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground”
and this 1997 heart-and-soulful rendition of “Funny How Time Slips Away.”
I think it was the reverence on the faces of Nelson’s peers and friends
that ultimately won me over. May we all know the joy
of having people in our lives with whom we honor and share
a similar degree of presence, authenticity, and love.
The MC breaks the mood abruptly at the end, but so be it…

3 thoughts

  1. Kevin,
    Glad to assist the spirit winds as they danced through your soul… :)

    I am so pleased that you stopped by. The courage and depth that you bring forth in your site are astonishing. May blessings embrace your every step in every moment.


  2. I received your comment on one of my blogs today…Living in Lonelines. This is a gift from the Creator to me. I mostly post on another blog now. But, I feel truly blessed to have found your blog! Thank you! Take care.



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